Halcyon Single Cylinder Regulator Package



Halcyon Single Cylinder Regulator Package

The Halcyon Single Cylinder Regulator Package comes with your choice of first stage, a Halo Primary second stage with an Aura alternate air source second stage and more.

With the Halcyon Single Cylinder Regulator Package, receive your choice of a Halcyon H-75P or H-50D First Stage, Halo Primary and Aura Alternate Air Source, Singles Hose Kit, Halcyon Master Diver Brass SPG and a Halcyon shock cord Regulator Necklace, Stainless Steel Bolt Snaps and Halcyon Padded Traveler Regulator Bag absolutely FREE!

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We have 2 fantastic packages available:

Package 1: H75P First Stage with Halo/Aura second stages, Master Diver SPG, Necklace, Snaps, Reg Bag.

Package 2: H50D First Stage with Halo/Aura second stages, Master Diver SPG, Necklace, Snaps, Reg Bag.

Our most popular single tank combination is H-75P First Stage, Halo Primary, Aura Secondary, Master Diver SPG.  H-50D is nearly as popular for singles.

Halcyon Regulators are the highest quality, top performance regulators on the market offering performance, features and innovations that far exceed most other brands.

Made by Scubapro, you’ll notice these regulators share many of the same features, but with the benefit of receiving all the additional DIR Diving support, accessories and style.

Please have a read below to learn about the difference in the Halcyon Regulators.

Halcyon First Stage Regulators

Halcyon H-75P

Halcyon’s H-75P offers many refined features that ensure consistent delivery with performance that ranks among the very best in our industry.

The stable, intermediate pressure provides precise delivery of air to the second stage. This means you will experience a remarkable ease of breathing while diving in all environments; this is true at nearly any tank pressure and within almost any water temperature. This sophisticated technology is among the best in the industry freeing you to get the most out of your diving.

An air balanced flow-through piston delivers an optimal
amount of air to the second stage, remaining unaffected
by changes in tank pressure. Lightweight & responsive
components create prompt adjustments to breathing
demands in all conditions, temperatures or tank pressures.

Enjoy the smoothest breathing regulator whether you are on the final hours of an extreme cave exploration or on a blue water ascent after a magnificent Grand Cayman wall dive.

  • Five High-flow, Low-pressure Ports
  • Two opposing high pressure ports
  • 300 Bar DIN first stage
  • Nitrox 40% compatible
  • Externally adjustable intermediate pressure

Halcyon H-50D

The H-50D is a high performance diaphragm design that is fully sealed and purpose built for harsh conditions like ice or environmentally contaminated environments. Diaphragm first stages are historically popular with cold water divers and the H-50D was engineered for extreme conditions. Go dive extraordinary places with your H-50D and be confident that you have a rugged regulator that will meet all your demands.

  • Balanced, environmentally sealed diaphragm
  • Two opposing high pressure ports
  • Four low pressure ports
  • 300 Bar DIN first stage
  • Nitrox 40% compatible
  • Externally adjustable intermediate pressure

Second Stage Regulators


Breathing underwater should feel natural and that experience is one of the things that
most clearly separate Halcyon second stages from our competitors. As soon as you experience the smooth, high volume of air delivered by a Halcyon second stage you will be hooked. Our high quality second stage regulators provide diver adjustable controls for the ultimate in breathing performance.
Halcyon’s Halo second stage offers steadfast reliability
and impeccable performance; two methods of breathing adjustment make it the top choice for demanding Halcyon divers.

  • Balanced, downstream valve
  • Adjustable inhalation control
  • Air Control Vane (ACV)
  • Comfort mouthpiece


Aura second stage regulators provide a simple, compact design that makes breathing under water feel completely natural. This high quality second stage delivers air in a smooth, dependable fashion. Halcyon ’s Aura second stage comes with a single adjustment control and a pre-set inhalation effort that suits most common diving situations; this feature makes it a common selection as a backup regulator. The Aura is an ideal regulator for divers who want a simple, ready to dive regulator; it is also a common choice for training systems and rental units.

  • Classic downstream valve
  • Air Control Vane (ACV)
  • Comfort mouthpiece

The NEW Halcyon regulator boasts a chromed first stage, new updated covers for both second stages with improved reliability.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 30 cm
Regulator Package

"Package 1", "Package 2"


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