Local Diving Calendar

Our Local Dive Calendar is always a full menu of great local diving and trips around the area from Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior and many other awesome local diving spots. The Great Lakes offers shipwrecks for every skill level from Open Water Diver to the most Advanced and Technical Diver

Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are a Freshwater Shipwreck Destination and are home to Thousands of Sunken Shipwrecks, many of which have yet to be found. We run trips and charters to other destinations less frequented such as Grand Bend to dive the Wexford,  Penetanguishene to dive the shallower open water shipwrecks of Georgian Bay, Muskoka to dive the great walls and the shipwreck of the Waome and the Northwind in the North Channel, Lake Huron.

We have local diving charters running on a regular basis through several of our local dive charter providers and we offer group and private charters to many of our guests from out of town, as well as dive clubs.

We also offer weekly dives during the dive season for our DDS Divers to popular sites around Niagara. Join the always growing group of active and modern progressive DDS Divers.

We routinely have divers from Toronto, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Kitchener, Guelph, London and surrounding areas joining in on the fun along with our Niagara area Divers, so you get a great mix of divers, especially those looking to do things different and better.

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2 divers swimming across an old wooden shipwreck
Tiller Wreck, Port Dalhousie
DDS Divers, Tobermory

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