Professional Level Scuba Diving Courses

PADI Assistant Instructor and Divemaster Courses 2024

Join us and make the leap into the world of professional diving by becoming a PADI Instructor or PADI Divemaster in 2024!

PADI Divemaster Course starts September, 2024

PADI Assistan Instructor Development Course starts September 2024

Professional Level Scuba Diving Courses

PADI DiveMaster, Assistant Instructor Courses, Technical Divemaster, Technical Support Leader, PADI Instructor Development and more…

Professional Leadership level scuba diving courses in Ontario, Canada, Padi Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Technical Divemaster, Technical Support Leader NAUI Tech Diving
Fawn outlining the roles of a an Instructor during a PADI Instructor Development workshop for Assistant Instructor Candidates

Have you fallen in love with diving as much as we have? If you love the diver’s lifestyle, enjoy learning new things, and are excited whenever people are introduced to this fantastic sport, then you may want to consider entering the dive profession.

As a diver, you know first hand that scuba diving is one of the most transformational sports to engage in. Becoming a Dive Professional brings new underwater adventures!

Whether it’s being on the team as a Divemaster or being even more involved as a PADI Assistant Instructor or PADI Instructor, we can offer you the finest professional level dive training courses at Dan’s Dive Shop.

Setting up a decompression habitat as part of a cave diving expedition project in Mexico
Setting up a decompression habitat as part of a cave diving expedition project in Mexico with Nick and Matt

Are you a technical diver?  If not, become a technical diver and start getting involved with bigger deeper dives as a Technical Support Leader or a Support Diver!  Assist on our Cave & Technical diving courses or expeditions and keep your skills up to date, help us film students, lay lines or be a part of our push team on bigger, deeper, more challenging dives.

Technical Support Leaders are professional level members who act in a supervisory role in technical diving.  You must be certified 1 level higher than the level you are assisting.  See below for more details.

Looking for a new career?  Whether it’s a lifestyle change you crave, or some extra ash on the side, becoming a PADI Instructor is a great career option for divers of all ages over the age of 18.

Travel the world or join our Instructional Team, there’s always a demand for new PADI Instructors.


TILLER wreckNot sure if you want to go the Professional route but are interested in furthering your diving? Consider one of our many Specialty Courses or look into our Cave or Technical Courses. Our continuing education options provide you with specialized training that will meet your areas of interest so that you can be better prepared to dive in different conditions with the proper gear. You’ll be able to explore more of the underwater world with Dan’s!