Mares Atlas Dragon Package

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Mares Atlas Dragon Package

If you’re the type of recreational diver who wants performance, quality and reliablity, you’ll appreciate the high end nature of our Mares Atlas Dragon Package, as well as the great price point too!

The Mares Atlas Adj 62X regulator is one of the best cold water regulators for reliabilty and is even suitable under the ice, but for the down diver who dives in a lot of saltwater, the Atlas is environmentally sealed and it’s small, compact first stage is a top choice for the traveling diver as well.

Add a Mares Dragon SLS BCD which is the best selling jacket hybrid on the market and you have top shelf performance, and with our help, at a mid price point.

This package comes with the tried and tested Rover Octopus and a 2 gauge console displaying pressure and depth.

Mares Atlas Adj 62X

The Atlas features the smallest, most compact first stage ever released by Mares. Now the most lightweight regulator in our line-up, the Dual Adj 62X is the perfect traveling diver’s companion worldwide.

The 62X first stage breaks records as the smallest first stage in the diving market, coming in at a mere 63mm in height and weighing only 464g (DIN). This small-but-mighty first stage is 10% smaller and lighter than its 52X predecessor and has 30% less volume.

The 62X first stage may be compact, but it still boasts all of Mares regulators’ innovative features, such as Auto Sealing Technology (AST) which protects against water entering the first stage. But we didn’t stop there…

The core parts of the 62X were re-designed to generate an even better seal, making this an excellent regulator for cold water diving. The addition of the optional Twin Balanced Piston (TBP), makes this one of the highest performing regulators in cold water.

Specific technical innovations of this first stage’s internal workings include a new poppet seat that is now sharper with a smaller cone radius and decreased angle to define the sealing surface better.

The Mares Atlas second stage comes from the most famous Mares Regulator ever, the Abyss, which features an exceptional all metal design updated with adjustable breathing, features the VAD system that exploits Venturi technology conveying 90% of the air inside the bypass tube.

The airflow of the Atlas second stage passes through it without encountering any levers or mechanisms, offering exceptional performance even in the most extreme currents or depths in cold water.

The Twin Power System allows the VAD system’s air flow to be controlled, giving you natural breathing at any depth, while providing the necessary amount of air in relation to your demand. You can even adjust the air flow with an adjustable breathing second stage knob, which is easily manipulated in thick gloves.

Mares Regulators offer Free Parts For Life!

Package Available in Yoke Only.  DIN is special order in this model and an additional cost.

Mares Dragon SLS BCD

The Dragon SLS features the new Slide Lock Weight System and weight pockets as well as the ever popular and reliable Mares Ergo inflator.

Mares Dragon SLS BCD Bladder design features a tightly tailored fit that is designed to be reducing drag, placing much of the air around the tank, contoured to greatly minimize the feel of the bladder underneath your arms, and creating comfortable surface flotation. With a lift of 20k/44lbs size lg.

• Innovative Protective buoyancy cover: Superior combination of 3D Alutex protection, abrasion resistant net, smooth shield fabric covering 420 denier bladder

• SLS Integrated Weight System Incorporating a newly designed buckle system, one pull movement to release your weights. Shaped pockets to form to your waist. Large, zippered opening allows for easier insertion of weights. Max load of 6k/13 lbs with most sizes. Pockets feature a Green means go, Red means STOP loading system.  Simply insert the pocket until you feel a “click” and see green.  If you see red, the pockets inserted incorrectly.  It’s slick and its simple.  To release it simply pull and drop.

• Trim Weights holding up to 4.5/10lbs total. Positioned in the lower part of the BCD for better upright efficiency at the surface, and a more streamlined profile.

• BPS Plus (Back Protection system) patented dual position lumbar capability. Heavily padded in either position, you can double the padding for increased lumbar support or extend the length of the padding depending on body shape.

Mares Rover Octopus Regulator

The Rover Octo features a compact and lightweight plastic second stage made of a durable and lightweight material that is built to last.  The material offers an excellent resistance to abrasion and features a stylish yellow high visibility coloured hose.

The Rover Octopus is a medium-size octopus made of technopolymer features a cover made of soft material so that the purge button is easy to push.

2 Gauge Console

This could be the Tusa as pictured, but could be another option in the event we are out of stock as well.

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