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NAUI NTEC Doubles Primer

May 23 - May 24


Our NAUI NTEC Doubles Primer Workshop is a Primer program that acts as an awakening of sorts introducing the Recreational Diver, preparing them for diving with the most beneficial doubles equipment configuration and foundational skills that all divers should have.

The NTEC Workshop is the perfect starting point for students to being their path towards more disciplined and polished diving skills and techniques offered as a crossover to our style of diving if coming from the more pedestrian Diver Courses offered by the majority of dive shops around the world.

NTEC is a mini workshop/experience program that outlines the benefits of diving with a more streamlined, simple, safe and comfortable doubles equipment configuration, setting up more skills oriented double tank dives and getting ready for the NAUI Intro to Tech Course, which is the most challenging course enroute to becoming a cave/technical diver.

NAUI NTEC is a hands on opportunity for divers to rig their gear properly under our supervision to start utilizing the most modern methods of skill in this configuration.

All foundational skills training starts off in the classroom and pool…

We are currently offering this program on a regular basis with the opportunity to add-on an open water diving component with your Instructor to prepare you for the next step, which is the NAUI Intro to Tech Course.

Diving is something that is always evolving, improving and changing through new technology, training and experiences.  The concepts we implement and the way we think of posture, trim and technique gets taken to a new level of excellence as the average recreational diver has typically not been taught anything about trim, posture, streamlining themselves in water, or simplifying the equipment configuration.

NTEC introduces divers to streamlining gear for example how to clean up your existing equipment configuration, re-routing hoses that are too long or too short, as well as providing the diver with knowledge as to why this gear needs to be reconfigured or streamlined.

With NTEC, we utilize the use of a longer primary regulator hose, which is given in an out of air emergency to the out of air diver, while retaining the alternate air source quickly and easily because its located on a necklace around your neck.  Through additional streamlining we start removing all the “danglies” off the divers equipment, thus creating a sleeker, more efficient diver profile.

The “Traditional” equipment configuration that is commonly used in diving has become dated and obsolete and needs revision, this is where the NAUI Recreational Equipment Configuration has truly become “Today’s Equipment Configuration” for divers of all skill level from Open Water to Technical, Extreme Exposure Trimix, DPV, and Cave Diver.  It really is a multi-purpose, uniformed way to dive.

Upon successful completion of this workshop, students will be free to enrol in our NAUI Intro to Tech Course.




Workshop training starts at 5:00pm – 9:30pm Thursday and pool training Friday from 5:00pm – 9:30pm.

This experience program outlines the benefits of diving with a more streamlined, simple, safe and comfortable equipment configuration.

The NAUI NTEC Experience Program is a hands on classroom and equipment rigging session that allows the diver the opportunity to rig their equipment under the direct supervision of our NAUI Tec Instructor, followed by a Pool Session where skills will be demonstrated and students will have an opportunity to preview and work on these rudimentary skills.

While at the pool, you’ll learn the benefits of proper diving techniques, fin techniques, improved knowledge on trim and buoyancy, while shedding massive amounts of excess weight, bulk and drag versus a traditional equipment setup.

Upon Successful completion of the pool session there is an opportunity to complete an open water diving opportunity with 2 foundational skills dives and mentorship to help you move towards the NAUI Intro to Tech Course and pass it successfully.

Cost $150+HST Pool/Class Only
$350+HST Class/Pool/Open Waters


For Divers of ALL Skill Levels beginner to Instructor