Intro To Tech A Rudimentary Elements of Diving Course

What will you learn?

Our Naui Intro to Tech Course is a game changer, changing the way recreational divers think about diving and offers the recreational diver the ultimate challenge as well as a window into their diving future, as it begins unlocking doors to the right skills, the right information, the right techniques, the right knowledge and the right equipment configuration.

Our NAUI Intro To Tech course presents new challenges for recreational divers, while taking a  fundamental diving approach to buoyancy, trim, team diving, underwater and above land problem solving that requires sound solution thinking and finesse, while refining and mastering the rudimentary skills that most divers tend to lack at the recreational diving level.

Many divers consider this course to be the turning point in their diving career because it opens divers up to the more exciting challenges ahead like Technical Diving, Wreck Penetration, Trimix, Cave Diving, Technical Sidemount, Ice Diving and Expedition Diving for future dive explorers.

Our NAUI Intro to Tech Course is available to recreational divers in a single tank with H-valve configuration or for those divers wishing to move into Tech Diving with back mounted doubles.

Our program will help you develop better buoyancy, fin techniques, propulsion methods, all the while Improving Trim, Breaking BAD Habits, Diver Communication, Problem Solving abilities, Risk Management, Dive team Planning, Dive Equipment Streamlining, Horizontal Out of air sharing and more in backmounted doubles.

This course is available privately for individuals or groups locally or wherever you are located.

We are happy to offer this course locally or anywhere else in Canada.  DDS is a mobile shop with the ability to teach anywhere you need us.

This Program has become one of the scuba worlds Most Popular Courses for good reason. We feel Intro to Tech is the BEST Diving course on the market today, designed to challenge the diver with new skills, techniques and awareness. Step up to the plate and challenge yourself to be the best diver you can be.

Who should take this course?

Every Diver should take this course.

Divers of all skill levels who want to improve their diver awareness, trim, posture, buoyancy and gain skills to experience the ultimate diver comfort level.

Learn many of the skills and techniques that we as explorers utilize. If you want to learn how to swim in a more streamlined way with more efficient gear, the Intro to Tech course will expose you to the proper techniques to do so. If you’re looking for greater control in the water – whether it’s to take better pictures of our local wrecks, being able to hold steady and with precision while checking out the life on a coral reef, or just want have a greater comfort level in the water, this course teaches you those skills.

Air Sharing is habit forming skill divers must be able to do without thinking or changing depth.

For divers looking to get into deeper diving, overhead environment diving (Ice, Wreck, Cavern, Cave) or anyone wanting to go tech, this course is a MUST in foundational skill development.

You will learn how to dive all over again in this course and it will open your eyes up to better diving. It will show you a level of skill development and proficiency that you likely never realized was possible.


Be 18 years old or Older with Enriched Air Nitrox certification, a Minimum of 25 logged dives and have successfully completed our NAUI Ntec Workshop Open Water Mentorship Program or have extensive experience in doubles and a drysuit, a strong desire to challenge yourself and be the best diver you can be and meet the minimum skill requirements under the supervision of one of our TSL or Instructors,  our NAUI Intro to Tech is the right course for you.

You must be able to swim 400 meters in under 10 minutes and complete a 50 foot underwater breath hold swim in full technical equipment configuration.  This is the same for all of our technical courses.

This course is also available privately for individuals or groups.

Not From Niagara?  No Problem, DDS is totally mobile, if you can’t come to us, we can come to you wherever you are located.

Call or email the shop for details.

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Additional Details:

Our Naui Intro to Tech Course introduces candidates to a fundamental approach in diving through academic sessions outlining dive theory, trim and buoyancy control, alternative weighting strategies, team diving, rescue skills, breathing gas alternatives including nitrox, trimix, decompression gasses, gas consumption,  diver communication, light signals, equipment configuration, decompression theory, dive planning, and more.

Upon completion of class sessions and our NTEC Fit Clinic, divers will complete a pool session watermanship skills, followed by skill development sessions on dry land, on teh surface and underwater in the pool which is all video recorded for positive debriefing and future skill development.

During these pool sessions students are introduced to a number of new techniques which they begin refining and mastering as well as their rudimentary skills such as buoyancy, trim, posture, fin techniques with different propulsion methods including (modified frog kick, modified flutter kick, back kick, helicopter turns),

We work hard to help our divers in improving their trim, breaking BAD Habits like hand swimming, flutter kicking, knees dropping down or going vertical.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 4.40.20 PMSkills include horizontal ascents, descents, and hovering motionless, valve manipulation drills, air sharing, pre-dive safety checks evaluating equipment functionality and reliability, s-drills, fin techniques like modified frog kick, backwards frog kick, helicopter turns, modified flutter, pull and glide, how to run and follow a navigational line, rescue techniques, smb deployment and so much more are packed into one exceptional course.

Our NAUI Intro To Tech Course Will Refine, Challenge and Improve Every Aspect of Your Diving.

SMB Deployment
Learn how to deploy an SMB without changing depth

The Naui Intro to Tech program also offers divers a deeper look into diving science, physics, physiology and decompression theory including the NAUI RGBM decompression model which is the most validated decompression algorithm in recreational and technical scuba diving.

What are the gear requirements?

Divers will be introduced to a safer, more versatile and more user friendly/beneficial equipment configuration (NTEC) allowing divers take advantage of the benefits of diving better.

A list of required gear will be given to all students.  The wrong gear will hinder your successful performance in this course.  Don’t Buy Gear Without Speaking To Your Instructor First.

Recreational Divers taking the course to improve skills in a single tank will be utilizing a single tank with H-Valve and 2 independent first and second stage regulators with DIR length hoses, backplate/wing system or equivalent, digital depth/timing device, 2 SMB/Spools, Primary and at least 1 backup light, proper exposure protection adequate for the planned dives with a pair of pockets, wetnotes, cutting tools, backup mask, primary mask, strap fins with spring heel strap not of the split or hinge variety

Recreational Divers taking this course to improve skills with a doubles configuration moving forward into technical diving or cave diving will be using same configuration with the addition of doubles, a second backup light.

All gear is designed to be streamlined using the KISS principal of “Keep It Simple and Streamlined”.

Intro to Tech is conducted over a 4 day window making it an intensive program. Students must understand that these skills may not be mastered without practice outside of the Naui Intro to Tech program, so diving with mentors from our store and divers who are at a higher skill level than you is highly recommended ahead of time.

All training dives are conducted in shallow water not exceeding 20 meters/60 feet and video recorded so divers can their progress moving forward and what to improve upon.

Read the Reviews

We are the most experienced divers and instructors in the country.  There are few people worldwide who share that same level of experience, much less exceed it, so check out what our graduates are saying about our courses in the Testimonials section.

Intro to Tech is the best scuba diving course to get you motivated, to get you diving better and to get you on the right path towards cave and technical diving.

If you want a challenging course that will test your skills, knowledge and ability this course is for you.


$650+HST (based on a minimum of 3 students) includes NAUI NTEC Workshop, NAUI Intro to Tech CD, Intro to Tech Student Skills CD, Certification fees.

Intro to Tech is also available privately for the diver who has limited availability for time. Cost is $950+HST local and includes the above materials. Private instruction out of town may bear other additional expenses for travel, meals, fills, etc.

If you’re interested in this program a CD is available with a wealth of information.  Start changing your diving habits for the better today with Dan’s Dive Shop and our exceptional progressive dive training.

Where can I go from here?

Here are some popular examples of courses commonly taken by graduates of this course:

  • Cavern
  • Solo Diver
  • Sidemount Diver
  • Cave 1
  • Advanced Nitrox
  • Technical Decompression Diver
  • Wreck Penetration
  • Helitrox
  • Technical Wreck Penetration
  • Cave 2
  • Trimix
  • Rebreather