Zeagle F8 Regulator



Zeagle F8 Regulator

Zeagle F8 Regulator is one of the easiest breathing, most reliable, extreme cold water regulators available.

The Zeagle F8 regulator was engineered in a combined effort with both engineers from Zeagle and Atomic Aquatics.

Designed to look as good as it breathes, the F8 features a superior low work of breathing, exceptional cold water performance, added reliability and of course the quality you’ve come to expect from Zeagle (and Atomic).

Zeagle introduces a new flagship regulator model that has set a new benchmark in performance with a completely new platform second stage design. The F8 name is derived from the well-established Zeagle Flathead series regulators.

Like all Zeagle regulators this extreme conditions regulator will outperform just about any regulator on the market with a low work of breathing, less maintenance, exceptional cold water reliability and a sealed diaphragm first stage available in Yoke or DIN.

This regulator guarantees to be a favourite among recreational, cave, sidemount, rebreather and technical divers.

• Totally new design, Zeagle’s best performing regulator ever with more than
20 new improvements
• New case design that is smaller, lighter and molded from high impact
resistant materials
• New case snap-in insert near mouthpiece allows you to personalize
your F8 for colour style
• New front cover design with anti-surge and new stylized “Z” logo
• New smaller mouthpiece with super soft silicone and color accented
tear resistant “Bite” lugs
• New exhaust valve with improved dryness and lower exhalation effort
• New inhalation effort control knob for better grip and style
• New threaded cover ring for improved safety
• New heat sink with improved materials and greater surface area to dissipate cold
• New zirconium plated inlet tube for increased corrosion resistance
• New inhalation diaphragm with improved response and tear strength
• Newly redesigned poppet with improved tolerances
• Patented seat saving orifice
• New low pressure second stage seat
• New second stage spring made from super alloy

If you’ve been waiting for a high performance diaphragm regulator that performs as only an Atomic regulator (piston) can, search no further, this regulator has changed the way we look at diaphragm designed regulators and taken the level of performance to new heights.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 16 cm
Din Regulator Upgrade

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