Divesoft Solo O2 Analyzer

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Divesoft Solo O2 Analyzer

The Divesoft Solo O2 Analyzer is a precise apparatus for measuring nitrox/deco gas concentrations in scuba diving breathing gasses. It is a necessary tool for nitrox and technical divers using nitrox or even trimix mixtures without having the helium concentration available.

The Divesoft Solo Nitrox Analyzer is characterized by its high accuracy and reliability thanks to an innovative solution for measuring gas concentrations.

Another feature of this Analyzer is its light weight due to durable ABS-PC material which makes the SOLO an ideal travel companion.

Analyzer SOLO O2 is the ideal partner for all recreational NITROX divers. Analyzing is really easy, just turn on with one press and measure. Easy automatic calibration. Analyzer SOLO O2 has the same durable polymer body as its brother Analyzer SOLO, allowing to get your device upgraded to a trimix analyzer by getting a helium sensor added.

Divesoft’s high quality analyzer finally available for recreational divers. Intuitive controls, 2 display screens and advanced Software. Easy to read O2% content including MOD for preset ppO2, date and temperature. MOD values for PO2 at 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 bar for immediate reference. Simple automatic calibration.
Analyzer SOLO O2 provides real time gas calculations for the most accurate cylinder labeling. Built in Gas mixing software.

Key Features:

85 × 205 × 40 mm (31/4 × 77/8 × 11/2 inches)

332 g (without packaging and accessories)

Oxygen concentration measurement range:
0 to 100%

Operating pressure:
700–1100 millibars (20– 32 inches Hg), which corresponds to a standard atmosphere at 0 to 3000 m (0–10000 ft)

Mixture Pressure:
Corresponds to an ambient pressure in the range of 700–1100 millibars (20– 32 inches Hg), which corresponds to a standard atmosphere at 0 to 3000 m (0–10000 ft)

Nominal gas flow rate: 0.2 l / min

Measuring cycle: 200ms

The connection dimensions of the sampler: Standard for a DIN valve (EN 144-2) for 200/300 bars (G 5/8 thread). Samplers with a connection to any standardized or common valves are available on request or as optional equipment

Oxygen sensor: R22 S (Molex connector)

Easy to replace O2 sensor

Oxygen sensor life expectancy: 2 years

Replaceable battery: Through authorized service center

Battery: 210 measurements or 7 hours of continuous operation

Warranty: 24 months, 12 months on battery and oxygen sensor

Charging and programming: USB-C

Charging time: 3–4 h

Display: OLED

Body: ABS-PC

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 46 × 31 × 17 cm


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