Book The 96th Voyage The Truth about the Empress of Ireland Tragedy



The 96th Voyage The Truth about the Empress of Ireland Tragedy Book by Ian Kinder

The Book 96th Voyage The Truth about the Empress of Ireland Tragedy by Ian Kinder offers insight for the first time into the story of the catastrophic disaster of the sinking of the R.M.S. Empress of Ireland in the St. Lawrence River.

The story is divided into four parts and starts from her home Port of Liverpool on May 15th, 1914, with Captain Henry George Kendall as her commander and this is his first trip down the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City. Follow Edward and David as they explore the Empress of Ireland, from two different point of view from 1st and 3rd class during their voyage.

Second part describes some of the strange occurrences with the officers and the ship during its lay over in Quebec City and the events that lead up to her sailing on May 28th, 1914. Stories from the passengers and crew are now blended together while the while the ill-fated Empress of Ireland steams down the St. Lawrence River towards her doom.

Part three the aftermath and the sorrow of so many dead in 14 minutes. Who was at fault? Why did Chief Engineer Sampson lie in court about the Empress of Ireland steering? Why did they try to get Quartermaster Galway out of the country before the Formal Inquiry began?

Part four tells the stories of the victims and survivors family stories of what happened to them after the disaster.

The Empress of Ireland is a fascinating story and an incredible part of Canadian History few know about.

The Empress has a special place in our hearts having done several dozen dives on the wreck over the last 2 decades and is one of the only Titanic era shipwrecks accessible to more mainstream recreational/technical divers.

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