Book A Tale of Two Sisters The History of the Atlantic Empresses



Book A Tale of Two Sisters The History of the Atlantic Empresses

Book A Tale of Two Sisters, the second Empress of Ireland Shipwreck book by DDS Diver, Customer, Friend and Historian Ian Kinder. Priced in Canadian Dollars. DDS Copies are autographed for our clients. Order yours today.

The Empress of Ireland is one of the most interesting stories as a Titanic sized and era shipwreck and cousin to the famed wreck with little to no knowledge of its sinking May 29th, 1914 off Ste. Luce, QC. The wreck took the lives of more paying passengers than the famed Titanic that sank 2 years earlier and became the most famed shipwreck of all time, while the Empress faded into the anneals of history as the first World War broke.

The Empress is one of the most extraordinary dives in Canada, a mount Everest despite relatively shallow depths of 80-140′, due to extreme cold, currents and at times limited visibility.

The Empress has had a special place in our hearts being involved ourselves in expeditions since 2000 with CBC, Vancouver Aquarium, Procom diving and our own exploratory trips where we have penetrated the wreck deeper and further than anyone in recent years.

Learn about this amazing ship today with your autographed copy of A Tale of Two Sisters today.

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