Suunto Cobra 3 Computer


Suunto Cobra 3 Computer

Suunto Cobra 3 Computer Air Integrated Digital Compass. Available with optional High Pressure Quick Disconnect.  Standard or Q.D. Version comes with Free North American Shipping.

Engineered for avid divers, the Suunto Cobra 3 features an electronic 3D compass and an easy-to-read matrix display with simplified four-button operation.

The Suunto Cobra 3 dive computer is engineered for avid divers and features Suunto’s all new electronic 3D compass and an easy-to-read matrix display with simplified four-button operation. The Cobra 3’s new electronic 3D compass offers divers the unique ability to tilt the compass up to 45 degrees in any direction without impairing the ability to read figures clearly and accurately.

With two-gas switching Nitrox, Air, and Gauge modes, this air-integrated computer delivers everything you need to maximize bottom time and make the most of every dive.

Going beyond the numbers, the Suunto Cobra3 graphs your dive profile with an informative matrix display and its built-in dive simulator allows you to test potential dives without getting your fins wet.

The Suunto Cobra3 is a full-featured decompression dive computer with air integration. It monitors and displays pressure, tracks your rate of air consumption and continuously calculates your remaining air time. The Suunto Cobra3 also provides visual and audible alarms for depth and pressure and warns you when you’re running low on air so that you are free to focus on the dive.

The Suunto Cobra3 uses the Suunto Deep Stop RGBM algorithm, that features continuous decompression for optimal ascent time. For deeper dives, the Deep Stop option adds further protection with a series of “deep stops” between your maximum depth and ceiling.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 11.43 × 11.43 cm
Quick Disconnect & Compass

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