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SUEX XK Scooter

SUEX XK Scooter LION 37AH Long Range DPV offers the nicest quality, reliability, performance and some of the best speed and run times ever achieved in underwater vehicles.

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The SUEX XK DPV is made Proudly in Italy and is capable of even the most rigorous dives, this scooter will get you anywhere you need to go and back with the utmost safety and speed.

This scooter comes stock with all of the bells and whistles you would expect including a latch-less design, patented nose cone and captured o-ring, seal motor compartment, proplock that can be managed underwater, fuel gauge, emergency bypass, and comes perfectly weighted neutral from the factory for fresh water and salt water.

Pricing listed in Canadian Dollars.  Prices subject to change without notice based on exchange rate.

Latest Updates:

  • DRIVe System
  • Eron dashboard connectivity
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • New improved efficiency motor board
  • New improved efficiency battery design
  • New proplockdesign
  • New charger ip67 and charger box


  • Model: XK 1
  • Length: mm 960 (inch 37,8)
  • Width: mm 460 (inch 18,11)
  • Height: mm 364 (inch 14,33)
  • Body diameter: mm 197 (inch 7,76)
  • Weight without battery: kg 17 (lb 37,48)
  • Weight with battery: kg 25 (lb 55,12)
  • Material type: Tecnopolymers/aluminum
  • Static thrust: kg 34-39(*) (lb 74,96-85,98(*))
  • Max speed: mt/min 81-86(*) (ft/min 265-282(*))
  • Range at max speed/drag : km 6,1 (nmi 3,29)
  • Run time at max speed/drag: min 75
  • Range at cruise speed: km 13,5 (nmi 7,29)
  • Run time at cruise speed: min 300
  • Maximum operational depth: mt 200 (ft 656)
  • Test depth (1): mt 300 (ft 984)
  • Buoyancy/ trim: neutral
  • In-water usage temperature: å¡C -5/+35 (å¡F +23/+95)
  • Battery type: LI-ion
  • Nominal Voltage: Volt 37,5
  • Nominal Capacity: Wh 1050
  • Maximum recharging time: h 8
  • Charger power supply: Volt 90/240 – 50/60 Hz

Our Suex Pricing is in US dollars, you will be billed in Canadian dollars with a second invoice emailed to you for the currency exchange when Your DPV Ships.

Free Shipping within Canada  or the USA (excludes NT, NU, YT, although free freight allowance will be applied against the additional freight to ship these units).

Standard Configuration: black, 3 blade prop, HD shaft seal, Battery Gauge.

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Tested on the shipwrecks around the world, record setting Florida cave dives, deep Mexico cave projects in the Yucatan, as well as all the pinnacle wrecks around Ontario we have put this unit through it’s paces and the findings on this unit are unanimous…..this is THE BEST dive scooter on the market!

DDS Divers, Technical, Cave & Wreck Divers have a long history of using diver propulsion vehicles to explore some of the most remote and extreme aquatic environments around the globe. This history along with countless hours on the trigger has culminated in collaborative dive vehicle designs that represent a superior blend of performance and reliability in addition to the right balance of speed, thrust and power consumption. The Suex XK1 is the high performance, high output dive vehicle for extreme exploration.

The Suex XK1 like its siblings offers longer runs times, additional thrust and SAFT quality Panasonic Li-Ion technology with simple intuitive functionality, effortless maneuverability, compact design, easy adjustment for fresh/salt water use and a world class warranty that comes complete with worldwide
support and service. The Suex XK1 is a true exploration grade tool for extreme underwater explorers worldwide.

There are a number of reasons we have chosen to sell Suex, including; quality, balance, buoyancy, speed and battery burn time. Approaching speeds of nearly 300 feet per minute at full speed and offering over 330 minutes (5.5 hours) of burn time this unit sets the bar for DPV performance that no one has been able to achieve.

Suex have been offering the highest quality products in the scooter market for years offering 100% MARINE materials ranging from Delrin to PVC, Polycarbonate to stainless steel without any corrosion problem.

No Galvanic Corrosion Risk:
The HDVexp is made with marine aluminum deeply anodized inside and outside. There is not any connection between different metals (such as aluminum and stainless steel) so there is no need of sacrificial zinc anode in order to avoid the galvanic corrosion. The zinc anode, used in case of galvanic corrosion risk, does an outstanding job of protecting the aluminum hull whilst completely submerged in salt water. But once out of the water the anode in no longer working to protect any stainless steel/aluminum connections and then the corrosion starts.

Homogeneous Material:
SUEX uses only homogeneous material both for PVC/Delrin/Aluminum that means that any part exposed to water is welded : welds are potential points of watertight integrity failure, at some point over the lifespan of the device. Corrosion and stress cracking can occur in welds which does not occur in the homogeneous material.

Exceptional Buoyancy Characteristics:

A neutrally buoyant scooter is easier to handle underwater and adds comfort and safety to the diver.

Halcyon HDVs have these two key features that come from the highly professional CAD-CAM engineering and processing.
Adoption of RADIAL O-ring sealing that makes the scooter neutrally buoyant at any depth within the operative range because the scooter volume does not change at depth.

Frontal O-Ring Seal:
The front seal without a seat causes the scooter to lose its buoyancy at depth due to compression of the front o-ring that makes the scooter body’s volume decrease as the depth increases.
The front seal (with or without seat) is prone to scratches if the body contacts uneven surfaces.

This MAIN Switch:

Main SAFETY DEVICE device allows an easy to operate immediate power supply interruption in any situation:
additional scooter towing
gas switch
working failure

Fully mechanical System :
preventing power from reaching the motor; no electronics are used to control this switch.
No need to remove or adjust the propeller (which is common among the competition) during a runaway or failed scooter. In order to stop the ADV simply engage the Main Switch.
When OFF 100% avoids any accidental start of the unattended unit. Machine directive compliant.

The speed is electronically regulated adjusting the propeller’s RPM.
This system has the following advantages:
Fixed propeller pitch (thus permitting max propulsive performance)
Higher propeller sturdiness (compared to variable pitch devices)
The first speed is regulated by the electronic board and allows a great saving of energy, second speed gives all the available battery energy to the motor
Electronic control
Apart from the main switch and the connector the Halcyon HDV has no other mechanical contact, neither reeds nor relays.
This choice has been made by force of circumstances after having recorded all the typical inconveniences of mechanical contacts both at test bed and during free water tests:
Relay sticking, thus preventing from stopping the means
non-working reed or fusion
For this reason we have made much more expensive choice but certainly a safer one.

Maximum Speed 282 ft/min 75 minute run time. Cruise Speed 180-200 ft/min will offer bottom times of 300 minutes!

The regulator allows two different speeds (first fully adjustable, second for full speed) on the same trigger, thanks to two sensors and to a redundant circuit.
The first speed is achieved through the first sensor, the second one through the other sensor, all this trough the same movement.
In case of trigger failure, the only consequence will be having the scooter at continuous low-speed. In any case this allows the user to control the situation by operating through the external main switch, without mechanical interventions and with really little danger.
Halcyon HDVs have been bed-tested for more than 1000 hours without raising any problem.
The reliability track-record in real life is absolutely at the top.

Soft start system
This system starts the motor progressively eliminating abrupt starting, so it allows a better operating skill in narrow spaces, this eliminates starting electrical input peaks, thus practically extending the battery autonomy.
First speed is fully adjustable from zero to 100%:
Fully adjustable speed practically allows the diver to adjust his pace to the team one, even if the team itself is composed by scooters running at different speeds.

SUEX Dive Vehicles are equipped with a specific Electrical and Heat Motor Protection from short circuiting, current overdraw and overheating.
The electronic motor driving system are engineered for the maximum quality, safety and performances :
maximum current draw control
overheating protection
double sensors for the start device
acoustic low battery alarm
protection fuse

Oil-filled Heavy Duty Shaft Seal

Separates the prop from the motor compartment providing a more reliable seal when compared to the ceramic seal often used by other manufacturers. Oil-filled shaft seal provides a more reliable seal both in shallow water and at depth. Complicated, time consuming ceramic shaft seal maintenance is a thing of the past with the Halcyon oil filled design. Your Halcyon dealer can easily and quickly service the shaft seal in a matter of minutes as part of routine maintenance.

Sealed compartments
Safety is always in first place. The HDVs have hermatically separated and sealed compartment between motor and battery:
1- In the very unlikely event of flooding this system will avoid the dangerous rapid sinking of the scooter. While the water could enter one of the two compartment will not flood the other one that will remain dry allowing the diver a safer recovery operation.
2- The sealed compartment improves the safety of the diver because dramatically reduces the likelihood that an of hydrogen build-up, due to the battery discharge, under particular conditions would become dangerous if ignited by a spark.
3- During the pre-dive operations carried out on the boat, the sealed compartments offer an effective protection to the motor and the electronic parts in case the HDV would be splashed with salt water.

Battery Protection & PMS:

NiMh and Lithium powered ADVs are equipped with the Cut-off System
The Cut-off cuts the voltage below a fixed limit volts in order to avoid damaging the pack.
The system
– is built in the battery pack
– It is fully automatic, that means there is no need to manual activation or deactivation.

The PMS is a computerized system that uses the battery packs in cycle. The switching between the packs is fully automatic and it is not noticed by the diver.
This exclusive system engineered by SUEX has the following advantages :
– AVOIDS THE SERIAL-PARALLEL connection between multiple packs avoiding the cross-discharge problems that could arise with this kind of connection between multiple battery packs.
– GUARANTEES THE MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY during the discharge (use) of the multiple packs managing the correct discharge sequence.
– IS A BACKUP SYSTEM that improves safety :
If for any reason one of the packs fails the PMS excludes it and keeps on working on the others pack/s allowing the diver to use all the residual burn time of the scooter.

EASY INSPECT” transparent lid between battery and motor compartment allows an immediate inspection of the motor compartment.

CE Certified:

SUEX ADV’s are compliant with the following regulations :
Machinery Directive 2006/95/CE
Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC 2004/108/CE
UNI EN ISO 14151-1:2007
UNI EN ISO 12100-1:2009
UNI EN ISO 61000-6-4
UNI EN ISO 61000-6-1
CEI EN 60034-1
CEI EN 60335-1

Colours: (Jet) Black, (Mars) Red, (Moon) Grey, (Earth) Blue.

This scooter is not only the best quality on the market, it is the fastest dive vehicle out there offering more speed and range as any other high end diver propulsion vehicle on the market, but with North American support and service that is unrivaled.

Before you settle for another brand of scooter that lacks the features, advantages and benefits, why not have a look at what we can offer you from SUEX, we’re pretty sure your mind will be made up when you see the difference as there is no better scooter offered by anyone else and we sell some of the finest scooters on the market.

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Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 96 × 47 × 39 cm

Black, Blue, Grey, Red


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