K01 Diving Hood



K01 Diving Hood

Have you ever wanted a hood that lasted longer, was more comfortable and warmer?  The K01 Diving Hood is here for you.  Now available in skin in lined 8mm or 5mm material, this amazing hood has set a new standard in quality and comfort with a more compression resistant, soft, flexible, comfortable and drier diving experience.

The K01 Hood is made out of a Japanese “skin-in” HAYTO Neoprene, which is available in two thicknesses, 5mm and 8mm in a short neck or collared warm neck version.  The end result is a unique performance and high quality material.

The neoprene used in these hoods was pressure tested in the SUEX pressure chamber to compare before and after thickness following long exposures and divers have been singing its praises, while official results at this time have not been released.

* EXTERNAL = lined
* INTERNAL = smooth / silicone
* GAS DISCHARGE = transverse holes

EXTERNAL = built with micro lining for maximum elasticity of the cap.
INTERNAL = smooth neoprene / silicone to maintain maximum heat. Extremely soft and slippery for easy dressing and comfort.

Custom name label on the head and neck for support operations or just simple ID between yours and your dive buddies.

Many have felt that the Waterproof or Santi branded 9mm hoods were the be all, end all of dive hoods…..Until Now…..Try a Spyder K01 Hood on and you won’t believe the fit!  They outperform the rest despite being “thinner” on paper and over time they’ll outlast these other guys hoods significantly longer.

Available in 8mm warm neck collared models for divers using silicone or latex drysuit neckseals with a DUI style Warm Neck system,  a Straight Neck Model non-bibbed models in 5mm or 8mm for divers using a neoprene neckseal.

Please note 5mm is non-stocked and therefore, special order.

5mm hoods are for moderate temperature diving and depths not exceeding 30m/100′.  Cold/Deep/Long dive exposures should be done in the 8mm versions, as the 5mm hoods taken to depth will be damaged by increased pressure and duration.

Do Not turn the hoods inside out to dry them, as direct sunlight will damage the seams and cause the hood to split.


XS  18.5″-20″ Head with 11.25″-12″ Neck
SM 19″-20.5″ Head with 12″-13″ Neck
Med 20.5″-22″ Head with 13″-13.75″ Neck
Lg 22″-23″ Head with 13.75″-15″ Neck
XL 23″-24″ Head with 15″-16.75″Neck
XXL 24″-25.25″ Head with 16.75-18″ Neck

Custom Colours & Custom Name’s: 

We are pleased to announce that Custom Colours and Custom Name options are now available.

If you’d like your name on your hood, please spell it out in the Notes Section of Your Order.

Choose from Spyder K01 Hoods in Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Red or the standard White colour.

Please allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks delivery for custom colours and special order sizing.

A word from our North American Distributor 

I continue to be impressed with the incredible quality and performance coming from Italy. For more than 1 year now I have been working with Spyder K01 to design the perfect hood for exploration. Alessandro Menegon and his team have produced the perfect product; balancing performance, comfort, durability and style. But again, do we expect anything less from Italy?

5mm long neck, 8mm long neck and 8mm BIB. The 8mm BIB was specially designed to work with the DUI suit collar and stay in place while providing extra warmth on long dives.

The neoprene was pressure tested in the Suex pressure chamber to compare before and after thickness following long exposures. For those that prefer not to have a BIB, the 8mm long neck version is perfect. The best combination in my opinion is the 5mm long neck for every day diving up to 40m depth where water temp is moderate and the 8mm for long, deep dives.

Having the right hood for the environment is perfect instead of trying to make 1 hood work for everything. The custom name label on the head and neck is useful for support operations. 

Please note DDS primarily stocks the Sypder K01 Hood in both 8mm hood models and sizes with white stitching, while the Sypder K01 Dive Hood in 5mm is a special order.

The straight neck model is our best selling, while the warm neck are also still fairly popular.

Buy Spyder K01 Hoods online in Canada from Dan’s Dive Shop, a Top Stocking K01 Reseller.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 16 cm

Double Extra Large, Extra Large, Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small


5mm Straight Neck, 8mm Straight Neck, 8mm Warm Neck

Custom Name Tag

"Yes, Please", "No, Thanks"


Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow


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