Scubapro Jet Fins Black



Scubapro Jet Fins Black

The Classic Scubapro Jet Fins Black with Black Rubber Straps are a the worlds most famous fins.  The most imitated, duplicated and sought after design of fins ever made.

Scubapro Jet Fins are famous for their durable rubber construction and beefy shape that allows divers to move effortlessly through the water with the greatest of ease and efficiency, which is why its the fin of choice for professional divers from all over the world.

No other fin offers performance quite like the Jet Fin, which is why its the best all around fin there is.

There is no shortage of Power, efficiency, performance, which is why this fin has been around since 1965.

If you look at any serious wreck, cave, tech or deep diver and you’ll likely see them wearing the Scubapro Jet fin, or some sort of Jet inspired copy.

Don’t get caught up in manufacturers games, go with the best fin design ever made.  It outperforms all split, hinge, sea wing fins, slingshot type fins and more.  To learn more about fins have a read through our Fin Blog.

The Jet Fin and all of our other “jet” style fins have a spring heel strap available as an additional purchase as well, so take advantage of an unbreakable strap that will give you unparalleled support, comfort and longevity.  No entanglement hazards, no breakable plastic clips, just a fin that will last you forever.

Pricing is in Canadian Dollars.

Scubapro Jet Fins are also available with rubber straps and a lifetime warranty.

SCUBAPRO Jet Fins have a long and celebrated history of performance. They set the standard for power and durability in 1965, and are still immensely popular. There is no other fin that has been on the market as long as a Jet Fin.

Proven vented design decreases drag on the upstroke and enhances thrust on the downstroke

Adjustable heel strap secures strap for ease of pre-dive preparation
Spring heel straps available as an option in sizes Med, L and XL sizes.

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 79 cm

Double Extra Large, Extra Large, Large, Medium


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