NAUI Technical Diver Manual



NAUI Technical Diver Manual

The NAUI Technical Diving Manual is a detailed Full Colour overview of what Technical Diving Equipment and Training looks like.  This awesome book was authored by Captain Tim O’Leary.  This is the most complete and detailed technical diving manual ever printed.  Grab a copy today.  Priced in Canadian Dollars.

This all encompassing technical diving manual is a wealth of up to date and modern information for the novice to expert technical diver to learn from, learn new concepts.

Authored by Tim O’Leary and Bruce Wienke. This new full-color textbook is a foundational tool for students of NAUI Technical Instructors teaching an array of technical diving courses. The text’s seven chapters cover: Technical Diving Gases, Mixed Gas Diving, Decompression Strategies, Dive Planning, Wreck Diving, Rebreather Technology, and Technical Diving Equipment and Gear Configuration.

Being that NAUI is the innovator of technical diving, students of all backgrounds from any agency will benefit from reading this amazing book.

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