Mares Atlas Adj 62X Regulator

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Mares Atlas Adj 62X Regulator

The Mares Atlas Adj 62X Regulator is the ultimate cold water, high performance regulator.  A rugged and compact cold water ready first stage powers this all metal adjustable breathing workhorse regulator.

The Mares Atlas Adj 62X features the smallest, most compact first stage ever released by Mares. Now the most lightweight regulator in our line-up, the Dual Adj 62X is the perfect traveling diver’s companion worldwide.

The 62X first stage breaks records as the smallest first stage in the diving market, coming in at a mere 63mm in height and weighing only 464g (DIN). This small-but-mighty first stage is 10% smaller and lighter than its 52X predecessor and has 30% less volume.

The 62X first stage may be compact, but it still boasts all of Mares regulators’ innovative features, such as Auto Sealing Technology (AST) which protects against water entering the first stage. But we didn’t stop there…

The core parts of the 62X were re-designed to generate an even better seal, making this an excellent regulator for cold water diving. The addition of the optional Twin Balanced Piston (TBP), makes this one of the highest performing regulators in cold water.

Specific technical innovations of this first stage’s internal workings include a new poppet seat that is now sharper with a smaller cone radius and decreased angle to define the sealing surface better.

The Mares Atlas second stage comes from the most famous Mares Regulator ever, the Abyss, which features an exceptional all metal design updated with adjustable breathing, features the VAD system that exploits Venturi technology conveying 90% of the air inside the bypass tube.

The airflow of the Atlas second stage passes through it without encountering any levers or mechanisms, offering exceptional performance even in the most extreme currents or depths in cold water.

The Twin Power System allows the VAD system’s air flow to be controlled, giving you natural breathing at any depth, while providing the necessary amount of air in relation to your demand. You can even adjust the air flow with an adjustable breathing second stage knob, which is easily manipulated in thick gloves.

The Abyss Adjustable second stage also features a large pivoting purge button.

Pneumatic balancing completes the list of advantages of this second stage.

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