Lola PTH 3oo Dual Fill Hose



Lola PTH 300 Dual Fill Hose

If you’re looking for the best fill hose to consistently fill your Sidemount Tanks or multiple singles or doubles with all the same mixes, the Lola PTH 3oo Dual Fill Hose is the perfect partial transfill hose designed to do the job well.

When filling a twin set and SCR devices with TMX or NITROX mixtures, different concentrations of the mixture in individual bottles occur.  When using the Lola PTH 3oo Dual Fill Hose this can be prevented as filling each bottle individually doesn’t offer the same consistency and can be more complicated for divers who don’t know how to set a dive computer when mixes differ by a percentage or more.

Once the connecting bridge is closed, fill both bottles at the same time. The result is that in both bottles the same mixture is guaranteed!

You can also use the this great Lola dual fill hose for transfilling from one tank to another, just simply hook up another DIN valve to prevent the hose from venting out the vacant DIN valve.

Max. valve spacing: 54cm


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 49 × 22 × 22 cm

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