Halcyon MC Storage Pak



Halcyon MC Storage Pak

The Halcyon MC Storage Pak is the most efficient storage placement for storage of emergency equipment such as a Halcyon Inflatable DAM (Divers Alert Marker), 6-ft. long Diver’s Life Raft or Halcyon Surf Shuttle, standard 50-100 semi closed or 80lb fully closed Halcyon Lift Bag, etc.

Storing your Surface Marker Buoy (SMB, DSMB or DAM) has never been easier, more streamlined or more easily accessible than by stowing it behind your back against the backplate in the convenient Halcyon MC Storage Pak.

Dives have experimented with a range of different alternatives for storing a surface marker, or rescue equipment, yet stowing it in the storage pak keeps it out of your way.

The MC Storage Pak is attached using stainless steel book screws (some people call them “sex bolts”) that come with locktite on them to prevent unscrewing over time.

Divers often stow the smb flat behind the back with a nylon strap on a bolt snap trailing down towards butt d-ring of the 2″ crotch strap so that it doesn’t get lost or fall out.

Try the MC Storage Pak today and see how much nicer it is having this essential accessory added to your backplate today.

The Halcyon MC Storage Pak is a welcome addition for those divers wishing to upgrade an existing Halcyon Infinity system from the Neoprene padded storage pak to a wider, more versatile storage pak that offers more room for larger capacity items, while still providing plenty of padding and comfort, while decreasing overall weight.

Available in small and regular backplate sizes.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 10 cm

Regular, Small


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