Erie Wrecks West Book



Erie Wrecks West Book

Erie Wrecks West covers 103 shipwrecks in the western half of Lake Erie. Each shipwreck is explored with the facts and story of the loss, a photo of the ship before it sank, a description of the wreck today, essential information on the ship, the location of the wreck, and many underwater images of the ships they way they look on the bottom.

The Wachter’s have come up with one of the most detailed and comprehensive works of marine history and have helped share the amazing stories of these majestic shipwrecks.

Featuring the following Western Lake Erie Shipwrecks:

Marquette & Bessemer #2, Merida, Barr, H.A., Raphael, Queen of the West, Lamb, L.L.,

Olive Branch, North Carolina, Griffith, G.P., Cleveco, Colgate, Sternless, Morpeth Schooner,

Lycoming, Erieau Quarry Stone, Robert, Colonial, Fleetwood (Brick Wreck), Vigor,

Frank E. Valentine, Little Wissahickon, Meyer, F.A. Gale, Stephen F., 47 Sheldon, Sarah,

Saint Lawrence, Quito, Cascade, Morning Star, Wayne, Anthony Cortland,

Butters Marshall F.,  Civil War Wreck, Willis, Gilbert, E.K. (Bow Cabin), Net Wreck,

Clarion, New Brunswick , Dominion, Jorge B, Wend-the-Wave, Mount Vernon,

Pratt, Zadoc, Gould, Jay, Jackies Wreck,  Tasmania68 Minch,

Phillip City of Concord, Dunbar, George Specular Vance, David Charger,

Northern Indiana, Conemaugh, Stewart, David, Nicholas I.W., Stone, George,

Tioga, America, Armenia, Packard, Charles B, Boyce, Isabella J., Keepsake,

Saint Loius, Adventure, Hanna, W.R,. Prince, F.H., Exchange, Relief , Dundee ,

Admiral, Algeria, Davis, Charles H., Jones, Fannie L., Wilson, Mabel , 117 Street Wreck ,

Cleveland, H.G., Griffin, John B., Mecosta , Two Fannies , Bay Coal Schooner,

Murphy, Paddy , Sand Merchant, Pridgeon, John Jr. , Craftsman , Ivanhoe, Alva B , Penelope

Colonel Cook , CEI Barge, Hickory Stick 91 Mosher, Amareta, Spademan, Charles, Success,

Toledo, Case (J.C. Lockwood), Worthington, George, Grand Traverse, Wilcox, M.I., Magnet,

Wesee, Filer, D.L., Sigel, General Franz

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