Halcyon 40″ Low Pressure Regulator Hose



Halcyon 40″ Low Pressure Regulator Hose

The Halcyon 40″ Low Pressure Regulator Hose is the perfect regulator hose for an alternate air source, decompression regulator or a stage bottle regulator.

All Halcyon low pressure and high pressure hoses are US made and crimped and leak tested in their facility in Florida.

Halcyon hoses are the only hose commercially available scuba diving hose that are individually inspected and bubble checked to insure that there are no leaks in the rubber or the brass crimping, which could ruin a dive through a catastrophic gas failure either due to hose rupture or failure of the crimping.

Custom regulator hose lengths are also available but require a 4-6 week lead-time.

Buy Halcyon Gear Online in Canada from Dan’s Dive Shop, a Top Stocking North American Halcyon Dealer.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 19 × 9 cm


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