Divesoft BOV



Divesoft BOV

The Divesoft BOV is a high performance bailout valve for rebreather divers that allows the diver to immediately switch from rebreather to open circuit bailout in an emergency. There is no need to remove the mouthpiece from your mouth in such a dangerous situation as hypoxia, hyperoxia or hypercapnia. You make just one easy movement to switch to open circuit.

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The Divesoft BOV is really unique. It is a game-changer on the market thanks to its functional design and features. Even though it combines a standard mouthpiece with second stage regulator, it stays light and compact. It is neutrally buoyant which prevents jaw’s fatigue during long dives.

The design of the Divesoft BOV allows it to be versatile, especially when combined with the appropriate rebreather configuration.

It is possible to connect it to the Divesoft patented Manual Addition Valve or MAV which allows the diver to benefit from a built-in ADV. Modular design allows you to choose between a standard mouthpiece or opt for a connector for a variety of full-face masks. Supplied together with two wide and two narrow clamping rings, including of BOV extension knob.

An upgrade to have an ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve) is available as an upgrade to add diluent to the counterlung.

Key Features

Easy to Switch from CCR to OC at the turn of a smooth switch
High Performance Regulator
Neutrally Buoyant mouthpiece
Multiple Fittings for different size breathing hoses
Optional ADV Valve
Optional MAV Valve

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 22 × 22 cm


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