Lola Universal DIN Valves with Double Isolation Crossover



Lola Universal DIN Valves with Double Isolation Crossover

Lola Universal DIN Valves with Double Isolation Crossover are the perfect choice for modern and progressive DIR based rebreather diver diving a CCR or pSCR rebreather.

Rebreather divers can maintain the configuration that they have always trained on at the Open Circuit level on doubles, while enjoying the benefits of diving  a redundant tank and valve system.

Why carry another cylinder on your side when you can benefit from larger back mounted cylinders on dives not requiring decompression or with limited penetration distance in a wreck or a cave.  On dives exceeding no stop or cave 1 limitations you can up the size of your back gas cylinders, or carry additional stages of bail out.

Maintain the same equipment configuration going from doubles to rebreather and benefit from integrated bailout cylinders on your back and off-board oxygen.  This allows for the diver to still utilize wearing a long hose, which you can pass off to an out of air diver, still having your spg clipped off on the left hip d-ring , but with your breathing loop acting as your “necklace” regulator already in your mouth for the whole dive.  This minimizes task loading and promotes a smarter way to dive semi closed or fully closed rebreather.

You can wear small compact double cylinders ranging in size from  AL30’s or 40’s to Faber 51’s on bigger deeper dives, band up a set of  AL80’s, Steel 85’s or 100’s or bigger on deeper mixed gas cave dives.

Your rebreather system can utilize off-board gas to bump up PO2.

This is the most popular and logical valve choice for the White Arrow Expedition Rebreathers, the JJ CCR Rebreather, Fathom Rebreather, SF2 and many other modern units that are putting safety, simplicity and reliability first.

Valve threads are available in Metric (M25 thread) or Imperial 3/4″ North American Thread (stocked). Please note in Canada we only stock North American Threads in 300BAR.

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Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 43 × 36 × 26 cm
Tank Valve

Air, O2 Clean

Crossover Valve

"51cm", "54cm", "46cm"


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