Dive Rite XT2 Open Water Regulator Package



Dive Rite XT2 Open Water Regulator Package

Our Dive Rite XT2 Open Water Regulator Package offers a high performance, reliable and stylish cold water regulator that comes with a sealed DIN first stage, a standard primary regulator, necklace alternate air source and a Dive Rite Brass Mini Tech SP.

The Dive Rite XT2 Open Water Regulator Package  is an exceptional XT1 cold water regulator with a well above average work of breathing.  It features a very reliable first and second stage and can be used for any type of diving as you progress through recreational, intro to tech, cavern, cave, technical and rebreather.  This regulator can still be in your kit years and years later.

This regulator system consists of the best selling Dive Rite XT1 High Performance Swivel First Stage, a matched set of XT2 Balanced Second Stages, and a Mini Tech 2″ SPG. Along with all of the main components, accessories such as clips and necklaces are included.

With its optimal hose routing in mind, there are no dangling hoses to get snagged on the dive. The primary second stage is routed just like our open water rental regulators with a long hose/short hose configuration, however, divers are more than welcome to request shorter more traditional hoses as well at no extra charge.

The way we route our regulators keeps the hose from flaring out and the longer hose allows for comfortable air sharing in an emergency situation. The backup second stage is on a 22″ flex hose with necklace to be quickly accessed if needed. The high quality Mini Tech 2″ Brass SPG is on a 24″ flex hose affixed with a stainless steel bolt snap to be attached on the left hip d-ring of your harness where it’s out of the way and can be easily unclipped to view air pressures.

For transporting your XT2 Open Water Regulator Package to and from the dive site, a lovely Dive Rite carrying bag is included.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 47 × 32 × 19.05 cm


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