Dive Rite Backplate and Wing Package For Singles



Dive Rite Backplate and Wing Package For Singles

Dive Rite Backplate and Wing Package For Singles accomplishes what every diver should desire, a simple, streamlined system that will leave you comfortable and trimmed out as best as possible.  Regardless of environment, a backplate/wing is better for the reefs, wrecks, quarries, caves, professional or commercial diving and everything in between, as it reduces our carbon fin print, while promoting a better way of diving.

Dive Rite has always offered products of the finest quality and  they’ve been the genuine article for nearly 40 years, which is how long we’ve selling their gear for too.

Our Dive Rite Backplate Package gives the diver total customizability of backplate, wing, sta and more.

Divers now have a choice to dive a buoyancy system that will expand or retract as their needs, environments or exposure suits change.

This system is totally modular, which means you can start off using this for a single tank wetsuit down south and adapt it to cold water and drysuits with double tanks with a little bits of gear to finish the doubles package.

Standard Configuration comes with Xt lite backplate, harness, wing, cam straps and you can upgrade from there.

Dan’s is the longest established Dive Rite Dealer worldwide (since 1986!) and the largest retailer in Canada.

We offer Dive Rite at the best price and carry the full line in stock.  If you want a great quality product with world class customer service, this is a deal you won’t want to pass up.

Buy Dive Rite Gear Online in Canada with Free Shipping from Dan’s Dive Shop, a Top Stocking Dive Rite Dealer.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 47 × 32 × 19.05 cm


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