Dive Rite XK1/XT4 Regulator



Dive Rite XK1/XT4 Regulator

The Dive Rite XK1/XT4 Regulator is a premium regulator offering with the XT1 First Stage and XT4 second stage that offers reliable performance in demanding conditions and low work of breathing.

The compact, lightweight Dive Rite XT4 Second Stage Regulator uses a streamlined exhaust tee perfect for sidemount or stage bottle setup.

An ergonomic knob provides fine-tuning of breathing resistance, and metal parts are coated against abrasion.

The Dive Rite XT4 Second Stage Regulator offers a lower work of breathing and reliable performance in the most demanding diving environments.

The Dive Rite XT4 Second Stage is compact, lightweight and durable at a weight of approximately 9 ounces.

The trimmed, streamlined exhaust tee make the XT4 suitable for Sidemount or Stage bottle use.

A knurled adjustment knob allows for fine-tuning of breathing resistance and cracking pressure without needing to disassemble the second stage. Metal components are coated against abrasion for long-term durability.

The XT1 Regulator welcomes a new generation of regulator performance at Dive Rite. An elite performer, the XT’s advanced, patented design earns top marks from Mike Ward of Dive Lab. With work of breathing at less than 1.0 J/l, the XT performs right alongside premier regulators on the market today.

Using oxygen compatible materials and assembly processes that are today industry standard, the XT is suitable for oxygen enriched gasmixtures.*

*The XT1 is suitable for oxygen use only if precautions are taken. Diver must use oxygen compatible materials, keep the regulator clean from contaminants during assembly and use and open the tank valve slowly.

Tech Specs:

XT4 Second Stage Regulator

  • Pneumatically balanced design gives consistent gas pressure for easy inhalation
  • Venturi assist directs airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece producing smooth inhalation.
  • Easy grip dive/pre-dive switch avoids free flow at surface and is suitable with gloves
  • Adjustable design helps diver fine tune cracking pressure so breathing resistance matches diver personal preference
  • Deflection ring works to maximize performance while deterring free flow
  • Orthdontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue on long dives

XT1 First Stage Regulator

  • Balanced first stage provides consistent gas flow regardless of depth and tank pressure
  • Five low pressure ports and a swivel turret achieves optimal hose routing
  • HP ports are angled 90-degrees from the DIN/Yoke fitting which gives the perfect angle for hose routing
  • Environmentally sealed to protect against internal corrosion, contaminants and freezing
  • Available as DIN or Yoke

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 16 cm

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