Dan’s Dive Shop Stickers



Dan’s Dive Shop Stickers

Show your love for DDS with our new Dan’s Dive Shop Stickers. Our  DDS Stickers help celebrate our half a century anniversary with our new limited edition 50th Anniversary Stickers and standard DDS logo stickers which is taking over officially this year.

Our new Dive Stickers share the history and range of what we offer as a shop, showcasing over 50 years of diving excellence.

High quality, stylish and “divey”. Do you really need anything else to make you smile?

Choose the limited edition 50th or our every day super awesome Dan’s Dive Shop 2024 store logo sticker.

Both stickers are printed on high quality vinyl designed to stand up like our awesome DDS Visual Inspection Stickers do.

Perfect for your car, a dive boat, a dive shop abroad, your save a dive kit or anywhere else you find as a responsible place to stick these stickers, our new DDS Stickers are already making a lot of people happy.

Buy your Dan’s Dive Shop merch online or in store while supplies last.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 23.5 × 10 cm

50th Anniversary Logo, Standard Logo

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