DDS 50th Anniversary Prepaid Air Card

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DDS 50th Anniversary Prepaid Air Card

We are paying homage to legendary Diver Dan with a special Limited Edition Prepaid Air Fill Card.

Our DDS Prepaid Air Card is a great way to save money on bulk air fills from Niagara’s Premium Tested and Approved Compressed Air Station. We offer modified grade e breathing air for divers using air, nitrox, trimix and rebreathers.

Our HUGE High Pressure Cascade System allows your tanks to be filled quickly to the pressures you want your SPG to read whether you have singles, doubles, high or low pressure tanks we will get you topped up properly. Trust Dan’s for clean, dry air.  We get quarterly air tests, have a Haskell Booster Pump and are even working on our Nitrox Bank.

Divers upgrading to Nitrox or Trimix fills, just pay the cubic foot cost of the Oxygen or the Helium.

We have the most experienced tank and regulator technicians in the business.  We are a Transport Canada Approved Hydrostatic testing facility and we offer quick turn arounds on tank visual inspections.

Trust Dan’s for all of your gear servicing and tank filling needs.


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