PADI Open Water Course Midweek

What will you learn?

Our PADI Open Water Course Midweek is the first in a series of progressive scuba diving programs that our award-winning 5-star PADI Dive Centre offers.

At Dan’s, we offer the strongest foundation to students with no prior diving experience of any dive store in Canada.

23975_637475103520_89906648_38631183_537409_nOur PADI Open Water Course Midweek covers new topics each week in addition to the e-Learning which students will complete in advance.

Topics covered in our PADI Open Water Course Midweek provides in-depth knowledge of basic scuba related theory and equipment (including but not limited to: horizontal trim and buoyancy, modern diving fin techniques, weighting, pressure, volume, diving orientations, specialized equipment, basic decompression theory, diving accidents, first aid treatment, dive planning and table and computer use, gasses other than air and so much more).


Minimum age is 10 years (offered as a semi-private course for 10-11 years of age due to reduced ratios.  We often recommend a parent or guardian takes the course with the child).
Students 12 and up qualify under regular ratios.

How can you enroll?

Start Today and complete your Open Water Diver Course classroom component on eLearn or Registering now for your full certification scuba diving course in store.

Upon successful completion of classroom and pool sessions, students will need to complete an Open Water Diving component usually held over a weekend.

Training Agency:


Additional Details:

This is a great option for students wanting a course that is broken up into more bite size parts.  The course duration is generally 5-6 weeks Wednesday nights during the spring, fall and winter season, or over 3 weeks Tuesday/Thursdays during the summer season.

Open Water Dives are required for Open Water certification and are included in your full course price and completed locally unless you choose our Open Water Referral Program.  Most divers feel more comfortable completing their open water dives with DDS staff after seeing the difference we can make in your diving career.

Group or Private Instruction is available.


DDS Progressive Open Water Diver Course $650 + HST includes PADI Open Water eLearning, Certification fees, ALL Scuba equipment rentals for pool and open water sessions.

We will supply you with a link for activation of your PADI eLearning code.

PADI Open Water Referral Program $395+HST is designed for students who wish to complete certification down south. Includes PADI eLearning, all classroom and pool training, as well as scuba equipment rental for all pool sessions.  Please note that your destination will charge you additionally for the certification dives.  For this reason many divers often decide to upgrade to our Open Water Checkout Dives Package to complete their open waters with us after seeing just how different and how much more progressive our dive training is.

Being a Progressive Dive Shop who’s been in business for nearly 50 years, We can help in selecting the right store for you to do your referral through, or you can join us on one of our amazing winter trips and certify with us and maintain the same quality, consistency, configuration and techniques that only a select few educators offer world wide.

We also recommend you take our gear down south with you on your trip to maximize your comfort and maintain a positive experience in favour of using old, outdated bcds and regulators that don’t fall within the guidelines of our progressive training style.

PADI Open Water Check Out Dives are ideal for divers who have completed their classroom and pool dives elsewhere or wish to upgrade from our Open Water Referral Program.

If you’re new to DDS and our philosophies we will have you complete an equipment configuration and skills orientation to introduce you to new skills, techniques and gear configuration not covered by your previous training followed by your certification dives.  This workshop covers a classroom and in water pool evaluation where you will learn new foundation skills, trim, posture, buoyancy, proper fin kicks and be able to execute them without standing or kneeling on the bottom.  Cost is included in the total Referral Price.

Cost is only $385+HST for the open water dives including your digital certification card, open water dive equipment rental is also included (Backplate, Regulator, Tanks, Dive Computer, Exposure suit with hood, gloves, weights).

Additional Benefits: If you decide to purchase your scuba equipment package from us to use on your pool and open water dives we’ll give you a $100 credit to your next purchase.  If you purchase your gear to use for your open water dives we will give you a $50 credit towards your next purchase.

We can accept students from any accredited dive training agency including: PADI, NAUI, SDI, SSI, GUE, UTD, IDREO, DD4all, ACUC, BSAC and more.

Private and Semi-private courses are also available at a slightly higher cost.

What gear will you need?

All students will need to purchase their own Mask, Strap Fins, Snorkel, Boots, it is also highly recommended to purchase a surface marker and spool, especially if traveling south.   You’ll want to buy the right gear, so please have a read through our DDS Student Diver PDF and learn more about the specific gear requirements and training differences we offer.

Divers Who Don’t Purchase Equipment Do Not Dive After Certification so talk to us about buying your personal wetsuit, regulator, BCD and more.  We offer The Best Scuba Training and Equipment at the Best Prices Possible and we’ll even rebate the rental gear cost of your open water dives when you purchase your life-support package to certify in.

Financing is available: Finance your course, snorkeling gear and even your scuba equipment package at a very reasonable rate.  Ask staff for details and learn diving in the best equipment you can…..your own personal dive gear, or ours.

DDS will include all scuba equipment for the course, however,  you will enjoy your diving experience much more in your own personal dive equipment.

Students purchasing their own scuba equipment package from us (regulator, computer, buoyancy system) will be issued a Dan’s Dive Shop Gift Certificate in lieu of using our rental gear.  The Gift Card can be used towards your next purchase of training or equipment.

Dan’s is proud to offer the Largest Selection and Best Pricing available on all quality brand name Scuba and Snorkeling Equipment.



Experience diving smarter, not harder! Dry is more comfortable, less effort, warmer and extends your dive season!

For students wishing to be warmer, drier and more comfortable during open water training dives, you can take advantage of diving dry in a DUI drysuit and experience how much more fun and enjoyable drysuit diving is. 

Add $250+HST to above course fee. Includes PADI Drysuit Diver Materials and Drysuit Rental for Open Waters and Pool Session. Buy Your Own Drysuit From DDS and we’ll do Your  Drysuit Option Free on your Open Water Diver Weekend.

Enrich Your Diving!

Dive Longer, Feel Better, Upgrade your course to an Enriched Air Nitrox Open Water Course

Enriched Air Nitrox Option for students enrolled in the open water program who would like to have more energy between, during and after diving, Nitrox will wake you up and make you feel better and allow you to gain more bottom time staying down longer underwater. Cost is only $225.00+HST includes nitrox eLearning, specialty digital certification card, nitrox tank rentals for open water dives.

Where do I go from here?

Here are some popular courses divers are often interested in taking after Open Water.

  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Drysuit Diver
  • NTEC
  • Drift Diver
  • Night Diver
  • Rescue Diver