xDeep Fins With Spring Heel Straps

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xDeep Fins with Spring Heel Straps

xDeep Fins with Spring Heel Straps just make sense.  Here you have a classic design inspired by the original Scubapro jet Fin, a fin that has been proven time and time again to be one of the absolute best fins of all time, but with the ability to add more consistency in a range of temperatures and a blade stiffness that is available in 3 different stiffness levels.

For us fins are essential to achieve optimal trim, comfort and proper propulsion techniques and we believe that all divers should have the ability to utilize these fin kicks in any environment at any skill level regardless of number of tanks or exposure protection worn.

If you’re diving Sidemount, Backmount, with singles or doubles, stages or no stages, these fins will perform.

Whether you’re using an effortless frog kick, modified frog, doing a helicopter turn, modified flutter, backing up with your fins, or doing a less efficient flutter kick, these fins will continue to perform.

There should never be a time when a dive shop tells a diver they need a beginner fin and then as you gain more experience that student then upgrades to an “intermediate” fin and then again with a more “advanced or technical” fin.

All divers should be given the same opportunity to grow into the best diver they can be and shouldn’t be limited by their fins or their dive store who puts limitations on them.

xDeep molded rubber fins are result of existing market data analysis that allowed for a more comfortable, durable and powerful fin. xDeep fins may not fit everyone same way nevertheless foot pocket construction allows tight fit and comfortable movements even smallest ankle articulation.

These  fins combine old school look with new technology and material used to produce them that offer divers next generation fins. xDeep fins are #1 choice of experienced divers around the world.

If you’re looking for one pair of fins that will last you throughout all of your diving endeavours, this fin is one of the best choices you could make.

A spring heel strap has been added for increased comfort, snugger fit and depth compensation as your neoprene wetsuit boot or drysuit boot may compress with depth, so the spring helps to keep constant tension on the heel at all times, which saves you from having to tighten the fins up at depth, while reducing the chances of losing a fin.

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 80 cm

Extra Large, Large


Hard Blade, Medium Blade, Soft Blade

1 review for xDeep Fins With Spring Heel Straps

  1. Scott Johnson

    Great fins but be warned the stiff blade option will not execute a modified flutter kick since that kick depends upon the flex of the blade which the stiff blade XDeep will not do.

    • 4iobnefv

      We found that out and tried to let people know. I love a stiff blade too, but the reverse kick was less efficient with these. Forward was good, turns were good, modified flutter is good if you have the gravity to push that blade with some strength, but we hated it for the fact we couldn’t sense the response on reverse and the flutter was harder. Thank you so much for sharing.

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