White Arrow Wayin Primary Reel



White Arrow Wayin Primary Reel

The White Arrow Wayin Primary Reel is a work of art, efficiency and streamlining all in one beautiful, high quality Delrin reel that is ideal for cave diving, wreck diving, technical diving or as a navigational in open water applications with no real reference points.

The WAYIN is the most efficient primary reel on the market.

White Arrow spools create a negative floating movement when the reel is empty, they have four holes for a secure locking of the line with double ender, a handle for easiest rewind and a unique hexagonal center that avoids shifting of the line.

The White Arrow WAYIN carries 200 mt/660 ft of high quality of DYNEEMA soul lines covered by twisted nylon with a standard strength 30DaN 35 Kg / 70 lb.  The line on this reel features a swivel to avoid twisted line, a reinforced TAB for easier operation and it does have a handle and innovative safety lock.

A unique and ergonomic handle allows for effortless reel holding as the fingers just slip through a pre-machined series of finger shaped holes!

White Arrow guidelines and spools come complete with a high quality White Arrow Stainless Steel double ended bolt snap.

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Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions22 × 22 × 22 cm


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