White Arrow WAspool II 30 SMB Finger Spool

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White Arrow WAspool II 30 SMB

The White Arrow WAspool II 30 SMB is simply the highest quality, most streamlined and most often imitated finger spool on the market.
White Arrow’s attention to detail, precision craftmanship, paired with the highest quality materials and design on the market creates a new level of excellence in the reel or spool market.

All White Arrow spools have six holes, to promote tighter line locking with its supplied stainless steel double end bolt snap. Spools are also negative buoyant when empty and feature a unique hexagonal center that avoids line spinning around the inside of the spool where there is a chance it can tangle or slip.

This spool features 30 meters or 100 feet of heavy duty line.



WHITE ARROW guideline material is a custom made line that uses a high quality DYNEEMA soul line with twisted nylon cover, a line swivel to avoid twisted line and a reinforced TAB for easier operation.



The Diving Spool has several “diving jobs”, so if diver is getting their first ever, have a look at the WASPOOL 50 or 30.  The WAspool 50  holds more line at half size of most spool, while the SMB spool, the WASPOOL 30 is one third the size of most comparably sized spools, but with the ability to be holding twice as much line as average spools.
Do you see the difference now?  Think of how many more of these can fit into a thigh pocket or on a butt d-ring for cave diving when compared to spools 2-3 times larger?  More space is easier to stow and lighter.
The space saved also equates to less weight for travel, so the traveling diver will appreciate the White Arrow spools just as much as the seasoned cold water drysuit diver, who wants simplicity and ease of use.


All White Arrow Spools are as Strong as Steel but won’t bent or rust like aluminum thanks to a solid machined Delrin spool that is precision cut.

Standard Features of ALL White Arrow Spools Includes :
-WA LINE 30 meters or 100 feet of high tensile strength line
-WA Swivel
-WA Tab
-316 SS Double ender Bolt snap
-WA Neoprene Pouch
You’ve never seen a reel like this

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