White Arrow WASpool 80m Spool DPV Rated


White Arrow WASpool 80m Spool DPV Rated

 The White Arrow WASpool 80m Spool is a DPV Rated Spool offering the heaviest duty orange reinforced line (not as pictured).  WA Spools offer the finest Attention to detail and craftmanship with the best quality materials and design.
The WASpool 8m is the perfect spool option for deep water diving where an ascent with no reference is needed giving the diver a solid reference option when paired with a Lift Device, you can count on the durability of the extra reinforced line to support yourself, a DPV, stage bottles and any other equipment you may want to secure this great reel.
The WASpool 80m meter offers a spool size the same as a 150′ spool from most of the mainstream brands made with normal nylon line making it a perfect choice in a thigh pocket when you need it.

All WHITE ARROW spools have six holes, to promote tighter line locking with double ender, are negative buoyant when empty, as well as a unique hexagonal center that avoids line spinning.

WHITE ARROW custom made lines are high quality DYNEEMA soul line with twisted nylon cover, a line swivel to avoid twisted line and a reinforced TAB for easier operation.

Strong as steel but won’t bent or rust like aluminum.

WASPOOL is the world’s best spool.

-WA Swivel
-WA Tab
-316 SS Double ender Bolt snap
-WA Pouch
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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 7 cm


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