White Arrow WAjoomp II Jump Reel Bundle with Line Arrow

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White Arrow WAjoomp II Jump Reel Bundle with Line Arrow

What’s better than 1 White Arrow WAJoomp II?  3 of them!  Get an extra spool free with the White Arrow WAjoomp II Jump Reel Bundle with Line Arrow.  The WAjoomp is a cave diving dedicated jump spool with a line arrow built into the system that saves you time in having to retrieve the arrow from your secured device, place it on the line and then wrap the reel line around the arrow.  With the WAjoomp its as simple as placing the arrow on the line and going and attaching the spool to the next line!  The fastest and easiest way to deploy a jump or fill in a Gap.
Attention to detail in craftmanship with the highest quality materials and design.

All WHITE ARROW spools have six holes, to promote tighter line locking with their included stainless steel double ender, are negative buoyant when empty, as well as a unique hexagonal center that avoids line spinning.

The WAJOOMP II is a dedicated jump spool which holds an arrow inside to make more efficient, faster and reduce distraction time in this important navigation decision.

50mt/165ft of standard strength line (30DaN 35kg/70lb) will got you cover no matter what jump you find, nice thing is that the actual spool is half the thickness than average 45mt/150ft spools while containing 50mt/165ft of line !

Buy 3 at a time and save and still get FREE SHIPPING within Canada

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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