White Arrow NT3 Rebreather System mCCR APSCR Complete


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White Arrow NT3 Rebreather System mCCR APSCR Complete

The White Arrow NT3 Rebreather System offers divers an expedition grade 6 in 1 rebreather that was developed by the most serious dive explorers for the most serious dive explorers requiring extensive exposure time at extreme depths.a 6 in 1 Semi Closed, Sidemount, CCR, Cave, Rec and Technical Diving Rebreather.

The foundation is a single or redundant main system, for back mounted semi-closed applications or fully closed rebreather applications for sidemount, and even decompression rebreather applications.

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All White Arrow Rebreathers share operation modes, the design was created with the idea on mind to be able to switch between series, efficiency modes, mounting possibilities in a daily basis and even in the water, making them a totally modular and upgradeable unit, which is the first of its kind, capable to do any aspect of diving where you may not even be ready to venture into at this stage of your career.  Why buy several units at a hefty price tag when 1 can grow with you and do more than you may ever need easier, simpler, more reliably and with more standardized parts and components?

The White Arrow Rebreather Systems modularity gives you the possibility of having up to 6 Rebreather options in the NT2 System and 3 options in the Sweet Deco V3 System !

The innovative modular functionality White Arrow Rebreathers offer, bring to you cutting edge Rebreather Diving Technology that will allow you to enjoy increased bottom time in any environment possible, including caves, ocean reef dives looking for swim through’s, a jungle expedition looking for cenotes, multiple sump diving in the deepest dry caves and/or the deepest/longest cave dives known to man or up close and personal mammal experiences or big game fish experiences you’ve always dreamed up.

  • WA NT3 System

    Fit your RB to the dive,

    not your dive to your RB !


    Single Backmount and/or Double Backmount,

    Sidemount and No Mount

     pSCR, CCR or ApSCR,

    the WA NT3 system does it all, 6 rebreather in one !

    Modular components can be changed by user in minutes,

    sold as complete system or separetly in two series.

    white_arrow_nt2_expedition_rebreather_for_saleSee the difference the White Arrow NT3 Rebreather can do for your diving, the money it can save you, the efficiency it can offer you and the low work of breathing and maintenance that isn’t offered by the competition.

    Spend less time on the surface prepping the unit and enjoy more hours of bottom time.

    Send us your completed order form via fax 9059842160 or email and we can start building your new unit today: CLICK HERE

    Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery. Free Shipping within Canada or the USA

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 45 cm

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