Suunto SK8 Compass Bungee Mount



Suunto SK8 Compass Bungee Mount

The Suunto SK8 Compass Bungee Mount is the latest edition of Suunto’s leading liquid filled, high performance, high accuracy dive compass.

The Suunto SK8 delivers even better underwater performance with faster stabilization and enhanced readability.

Northern Hemisphere models can be used over a wider area of the globe thanks to an upgraded magnet.

The superior Suunto SK8 Wrist Compass offers exceptional tilt potential of +/-30 degrees, which is 2-3 times larger than in conventional diving compasses. The firm-grip bezel with a ratchet at every fifth degree is especially designed to prevent sand and dirt contamination, thus allowing smooth turning in all conditions. The compass is available as wrist, console and hose-mounted models.

The SK-8 can also be fitted on the Suunto Cobra dive computer, however, we prefer to keep it simple and more streamlined by pairing it with the Suunto Instrument mount.

Suunto SK8 has very easy-to-read numerals on a phosphorescent compass card and a large side-reading window.

By adding different Suunto Combo consoles to the SK-8 compass, you can create a personal console accorging to your specific needs. For example, CB-double can be made by adding the SK-8/DS compass to the reverse side of the CB-One. Or you can configure your CB-one console to a CB-Two by adding an SK-8 compass on top. If you add the SK-8/DS compass on to the reverse side of the CB-Two In Line, you got a CB-Double in Line. And CB-Three In Line console is made by adding a SK-7 compass on top of a Two In Line console.

Compass Balancing

The horizontal and vertical components of the earth’s magnetic field vary considerably in different locations. For this reason Suunto compasses are balanced for 5 different zones. If the compass is used in an adjacent balancing zone, many compass pointers will tilt only slightly. However, the farther a compass is used from its correct zone, the more its pointer tilts. In extreme cases, the pointer will stick. For this reason, it is extremely important to know in which country a compass will be used.


  • The world’s most popular dive compass
  • Phosphorescent compass card
  • High tilt compensation
  • Made in Finland
  • High Quality Bungee Wrist Mount
  • Comes with 1 meter or 3′ of shock cord bungee

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 9 cm


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