Sub-Gravity Ecos S DPV


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Sub-Gravity Ecos S DPV

The Sub-Gravity Ecos S DPV by Bonex typifies the old adage of “Big things come in small packages” could not be more true in the case of the Ecos S.

So you like the compact size and weight of the Ecos +, but want the features of the Discovery? Well now we’ve got you covered.

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This scooter maintains the same, weight , form factor, and general puppy-like lovability as the Ecos +, while learning a few tricks from the bigger boys.

The New Ecos S features the same motor, propeller, and battery as the Ecos +, and adds the infinite speed adjustment, emergency bypass, and quickshift features seen on the larger models. Oh, he runs a bit faster too.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to choose before…This handy, lightweight scooter is the ideal companion for any and all types of diving. With aweight at only 32lbs, and a comfortable front handle, you will be happy to haul it wherever your adventures take you, through mud, rock, rain, or snow!

The Ecos S holds a special place in European tech divers hearts popular because of it’s eager willingness to accompany you anywhere, even leading the way down to 200 meter depths.

Dogs may hold the title above the water, but below surface, the title of “mans best friend” belongs to the Ecos +.

Scooters are made to order to ensure the freshest batteries and version. Please plan ahead. We do have inventory when they do.

Free Shipping within Canada or the US. Prices listed in US Dollars a secondary invoice will be sent to reflect the currency exchange rate.

Technical Specifications


23 ½ Inches

600 Millimeters


11 ¾ Inches

300 Millimeters

incl. Battery + Trim


15 kg

Operating Depth

200 m

Run Time continuous full power

90 min

Run Time Cruising Speed (45m/min, 150ft/min)

200 min


4.97 Miles

8 km





230ft / min

70 m / min

Number of Batteries


Independent Selectable Batteries

Main switch

Speed Levels


Temperature control

Protective Propeller Cut-off

Power Monitoring

Total Discharge protection

Soft Start


Emergency switch

Quickshift boost function

Charger Standard

Tow Cord

Torque Control

System Handle

Conversion to other model possible

● standard

○ optional


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 94 × 41 × 41 cm


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