Sofnolime 797 Carbon Dioxide Absorbent 8-12 Mesh



Sofnolime 797 Carbon Dioxide Absorbent 8-12

Sofnolime 797 Carbon Dioxide Absorbent 8-12 is a granular CO2 absorbent manufactured by Molecular Products Limited in the UK. We sell 2 different Sofnolime diving grades available on sale for semi-closed and fully closed circuit rebreather systems.

The Sofnolime 797 Carbon Dioxide Absorbent is available in 8 to 12 mesh granule. This size absorbs 150 L/Kg of CO2.

Sofnolime 812 offers greater absorption capacity and a higher work-of-breathing, while the 408, by virtue of the larger granule size, offers lower work-of-breathing.

Sofnolime 797 Carbon Dioxide Absorbent is a very popular soda lime absorbent for the removal of carbon dioxide from gas streams – Supplied as hard, irregularly shaped, white coloured particles

– Processed to maximize carbon dioxide absorption and minimize dust formation

– Used in sport & technical diving semi-closed and closed rebreather systems – Sofnolime is shipped in high-density polyethylene HDPE)

Reclosable containers
– Sofnolime has a limited shelf life, each container is marked with an expiration date
– Sofnolime is shipped as ordinary non-hazardous product
– Follow your rebreather manufacture’s recommendations for scrubber change intervals

– Only use the specific absorbent recommended by your rebreather manufacturer

– The use of improper absorbent can cause excessive work of breathing and shortened scrubber times

Due to expiration dates of this product we carry inventory in high demand times and less in the off season.

Buy Sofnolime 797 Carbon Dioxide Absorbent online in Canada from Dan’s Dive Shop, a top stocking Rebreather Supply Dive Centre from Oxygen Sensors to Absorbent.

Additional information

Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 32 × 32 cm


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