Sea Buff by Gear Aid



Sea Buff by Gear Aid

Sea Buff by Gear Aid is the best purchase to start using that brand new mask. It’s always recommended to give it a good scrubbing prior to your first uses and you can continue to use the Gear Aid for not just scrubbing the film off of the glass, but also as a defog solution.

There is silicone residue left on the mask from the manufacturing process which will cause your mask to fog up a lot more than normal. Cleaning your mask with Sea Buff Pre-Cleaner will help remove any dirt, sunscreen, salt, algae or other unwanted residue from your mask. This will help the anti-fogging process along with any commercial defog that you use on a regular basis.

We have used Sea Buff on our new masks and after burning the lenses and toothpasting the lenses didn’t provide a sound solution on our new masks, but after several weeks of active diving with Sea Buff, we were able to switch to standard mask defog  for fog free diving.

Works very well to remove writing from your underwater dive slate.


  • Preps the mask for anti-fog
  • Removes residue, dirt, oil, sunscreen
  • Gently cleans without scratching

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Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 cm

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