Scubapro Spectra Dry Snorkel



Scubapro Spectra Dry Snorkel

The Scubapro Spectra Dry Snorkel is one of the most beautifully crafted snorkeling products we’ve ever seen, the Spectra Dry is a welcome addition to our already amazing snorkeling gear lineup with its stylish metallic coloured accents and top notch quality, it has become one of our best in store snorkels.

The ideal snorkel is always within easy reach and ready to supply lots of dry airflow when it’s time to do some surface swimming. When not needed, it simply stays out of the way.

Designed to be the perfect companion to SCUBAPRO’s Spectra masks, the restyled SPECTRA DRY is nothing if not the ideal snorkel. Its large-bore upper tube allows plenty of airflow, and its new dry top design actually seals the tube when the snorkel is submerged so no clearing is needed upon resurfacing. An efficient purge valve positioned at the lowest point of the snorkel expels any water that might make its way into the airway, preventing that annoying gurgling sensation you get when breathing off a “wet” snorkel.

The lower corrugated portion of the tube is flexible so when you switch to your regulator the mouthpiece hangs down and out of the way. When you return to the surface and switch back to snorkel breathing, the regulator-style mouthpiece fits securely between the teeth, ensuring a comfortable fit no matter how long the swim back to the boat or the beach.

Technical Information

  • Large-bore upper tube with dry top is designed for dry and easy breathing.
  • Corrugated silicone lower tube allows the mouthpiece to hang out of the way when breathing off a regulator.
  • Purge valve, positioned at the lowest point, takes care of any water that might enter the airway.
  • Regulator-style mouthpiece offers good bite tabs for a comfortable fit, ideal for extended snorkeling adventures.
  • Quick-connect clip makes it easy to attach or remove snorkel from mask strap.
  • Available in 11 color combinations.


Black/Silver, Black/Red, Black/Bronze, Black/Yellow, Black/Purple, Black/Pink.

Clear/Blue, Clear/Yellow, Clear/White, Clear/Pink, Clear/Purple.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15.25 × 8.89 cm

Black/Bronze, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black/Silver, Blue, Pink, Pink/Black, Red, Silver, White, Yellow/Black


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