ScubaForce X-Heat Heating System

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The ScubaForce X-Heat Heating system was developed for the special requirements of extended range cave and technical diving.

The suit is made of lightweight, elastic, washable and highly breathable Power Fleece material which keeps the 100% waterproof welded heat pads in perfect position.

All plug connections and feedthroughs are waterproof in accordance with IP68 protection. This makes it possible to use the heating vest even with a flooded suit.

With woven silver threads the X-Heat heating pads offer maximum mobility and “breakage resistance.” With a maximum heating temperature of 44°C / 111°F, the heading pads ensure a pleasant warmth during cold or long dives.


The X-Heat Suit is a single-layer suit, made of Power Fleece material. The material is bi-elastic and offers all the features you would expect from the high-quality functional material.

The top and pants have a wide overlap area to provide an optimum fit and comfort.

Both the front and back areas have heated pad pockets which are closed by a zipper. The heating pads can be easily removed from the suit making X-Heat suit washable.

Available as a Set with choice of Sitec or Apeks valve connectors.


The X-Heat Pads are the revolutionary heart of the ScubaForce X-Heat system.

The Textile Heating System® consists of woven conductive silver filaments that provide maximum mobility. The threads pose no risk of breakage like conventional heating cables. Using ultrasonic technology in a 100% waterproof Cordura sheath and welded, there is no risk of a short circuit even if water enters the suit. The surface temperature of the heating pad is a maximum of 44°C / 111°F.


  • Pad material: Textile Heating System®
  • Cover material: Cordura
  • Waterproof welded
  • 90° cable entry IP 68 protected.
  • Suitable for rechargeable batteries 9 to 12 V
    • Sample runtime: Battery (XS from Wings & More), 11.1 Volt, 23.8 Ah, 265 Wh; heating time 4 hours
  • Total power 60 watts (per pad 30 watts – at 12 V)
  • Surface temperature directly on the pad is a maximum of 44°C / 111°F


The VEGA Inflation Valve is designed for extended range diving in cold environments. It combines inflation of gas and passage for power cables to heated undergarments etc.

Both ports are swiveling for optimized equipment configuration. The inflator button is easy to find and easy to handle. On the outside is a standard E/O cord and on the inside is the connector for the X-Heat System.


The tightening bushing of the ScubaForce X-Heat heating system is made of POM, suitable for Apeks inlet valves and equipped with an E/O Cord 18/2 SVO. Compatible with all common batteries equipped with E/O Chord.


  • Material: POM
  • E/O Cord
  • Cable gland and stress relief have a protection type of IP 68
  • Connector, heating pad and bulkhead all have a protection type of IP 68

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 24 cm

Double Extra Large, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, XS, XXS


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