ScubaForce SF2 Sidemount Rebreather


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Scuba Force SF2 Sidemount Rebreather

The ScubaForce SF2 Sidemount Rebreather is one of the most popular in the world. Its compact size, combined with a low weight and a robust structure make the SF2 Sidemount a popular and reliable companion on exploration dives around the globe. The basic components are taken from the SF2 Backmount version. The SF2 Sidemount has the same compact electronics chamber and inner bellows counterlung. The upper and lower tube are constructed of a very light, yet durable carbon fiber.

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  • Caliber: 7.09“
  • Height: 23.62“
  • Volume of lung: 9.48 lbs
  • Gas supply Diluent (ADV): Apeks TX40
  • Gas supply O2 : Jaksa solenoid valve
  • Power supply of magnetic valve: 9 volt, approx. 40 hours
  • Power supply Controller: 1 x AA
  • Gas output: Apeks High Profile
  • Oxygen sensors: 3
  • Sealing case: O-Ring radial

Side Mount Loop

The SF2 Sidemount rebreather has a DSV / mouthpiece especially designed for the sidemount application. In collaboration with the best Sidemount divers in the world, we have developed a unique mouthpiece with excellent features:

  • Optimum hose feed
  • Rotatable
  • Right / left hand use
  • Integrated chin rest
  • In water neutrally buoyant

Side Mount Frame

To keep the SF2 Sidemount rebreather as slim as possible, it has a special frame. This frame is made of stainless steel and fits very closely to the carbon tubes. Thus, there are no protruding parts.


To configure the SF2 Sidemount rebreather as close as possible to the body, it has three attachment points. We’ve designed a stainless steel rail at the top of the head and included two large Boltsnaps in the central region held via a hose clamp to allow for a streamlined attachment to your existing harness. The Boltsnaps can be varied in length, so that the rebreather can be positioned individually.

Compact installation

The electronic chamber is located within the head. The adapters of the breathing hoses are slightly angled mounted on the head. This leads to a perfect positioning of the unit as well high wearing comfort. The soda lime canister is located between head and middle piece. Concerning the middle piece, two different requirements of modern rebreathers are combined. First, you can find the bypass which provides gas in case of low volume in the system. Second, the adapters of the „Manual Add” are located here.

Electronic chamber

The electronic chamber is the heart of the SF2. The O2 Sensors as well as the Oxygen solenoid and the battery compartment are located here. The O2 Sensors are located in a separate chamber to protect them from moisture. The electronic plate is located below the battery compartment. High-quality SMB angle plugs connect the plate with the sensors.

Manual Adds & Offboard Gas

To successfully accomplish this, the idea of “streamlined” configuration was ingeniously devised. The manual O2 feed has been built directly into the body of the rebreather. Thus, the diver can inject oxygen into the SF2 rebreather via a simple push button. The external (DIL) gas supply is provided by male and female Swagelok connectors whereby a reliable gas supply is ensured and cannot be confused.

Unique positioning of counter lung

Compared to other rebreathers the SF2 differs in the unique positioning of the counter lung. Often, the counter lung is positioned on the chest. Contrarily, the SF2’s counter lung is located in the lower tube. This leads to an ideal diver’s position in the water and low resistance. Several tests reveal: Excellent work of breathing values in all positions.

Simple installation

The installation of the SF2 is quite simple as the whole tube can be disassembled. Every single piece can be reached without removing attachments like the wing or backplate.

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Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 74 × 74 × 74 cm


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