ScubaForce SF2 Rebreather Complete CCR


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ScubaForce SF2 Rebreather Complete CCR

The ScubaForce SF2 Rebreather Complete CCR comes with a pair of Faber FX23 Tanks  is configured very cleanly and simply. Compared to other rebreathers, the SF2 is compact and well-arranged. The reason: All important components are integrated into the carbon fiber tube. Therefore, the SF2 needs significantly less volume compared to other rebreathers. Tests, as well as various certifications, assure a constant level of security while diving. The SF2 is especially suitable for ambitious technical dives. It is available as either a backmount or sidemount rebreather.

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Streamlined Design

As if it were designed from one piece, the SF2 is shaped cleanly and simply. Moreover, the carbon fiber tube gives the SF2 a new, streamlined and high-quality design.

Easily Built

The assembly and disassembly of the SF2 is very simple as the entire tube can be removed and all the internal parts easily reached.

Compact Installation

The electronic chamber is located within the head. The adapters of the breathing hoses are mounted at a slight angle on the head. This leads to a perfect positioning of the unit, as well as being, increadibly comfortable. The scrubber canister is located between the head and midsection. Concerning the midsection, two different requirements of modern rebreathers are combined. First, you can find the bypass (ADV) which provides gas in case of low volume in the system. Second, the adapters of the “Manual Add” are located here.

The SF2 is a fully electronic closed-circuit rebreather engineered in Germany for divers all over the world.

Electronic Chamber

The electronic chamber is the heart of the SF2. The O2 sensors as well as the Oxygen solenoid and the battery compartment are located here. The O2 sensors are located in a separate chamber to protect them from moisture. The electronic plate is located below the battery compartment. High-quality SMB angle plugs connect the plate with the sensors.


Unique positioning of Counter Lung

Compared to other rebreathers, the SF2 differs in the unique positioning of the counter lung. Often, the counter lung is positioned on the chest. In contrast, the SF2’s counter lung is located in the lower tube. This leads to an ideal diver’s position in the water and low resistance.

Manual Adds & Off Board Gas Connector

The “Manual Adds” enable you to add both oxygen and diluent manually. The “Off Board Gas Connector”  allows you to add external gas. Hence, the fundamental idea of redundancy while diving is completely secured. Construction-conditioned the entire periphery works while applying “Off Board Gas”.


Diameter 180 mm | 7.09″
Height 600 mm | 23.62″
Lung volume 4,3 liter | 9.48 lbs
Gas supply diluent (ADV) 2nd stage Black Devil
Gas supply O2 Jaksa solenoid valve
Power supply of magnetic valve 9 volt, approx. 40 hours
Power supply controller 1 x AA
Gas output Scubaforce exhaust valve
Oxygen sensors 3
Sealing case O-Ring radial sealed
Sidemount ready to dive 14 kg | 30.9 lbs
Backmount ready to dive 35 kg | 77.2 lbs
Scrubber filling 2,5 kg | 5.5 lbs
Controller Shearwater Petrel

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Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 74 × 74 × 74 cm


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