Replacement Oxygen Sensors for Rebreathers



Replacement Oxygen Sensors for Rebreathers

We sell a lot of Replacement Oxygen Sensors for Rebreathers from all the best brands.

We don’t carry a huge inventory of sensors due to the short shelf life of them.  We sell a large volume, and do monthly orders to keep the demand and stock fresh.

We have sensors available for the White Arrow rebreathers, Dive Rite Optima, KISS Rebreathers, Megalodon Rebreathers, Hollis Prism CCR, Poseidon, Sentinel, Hammerhead, rEvo, SF2 rebreather, JJ rebreather and more.

The most common rebreather oxygen sensor we stock is the PSR-11-39-SMB which is a coaxial sensor that we use in our White Arrow rebreathers.

PSR-11-39-MD Molex Connector

PSR-11-39-MHD replaces IT Gambert D-05 and fits Megalodon, Juergensen Marine Hammerhead CCR.

PSR-11-39-XD replacement fuel cel for SF2 rebreather.

PSR-11-39-rEvo replacement O2 sensor for rEvo rebreather

PSR-11-39-JJ replacement fuel cel for JJ CCR or Fathom CCR

PSR-11-75D replacement for KISS Sport rebreather.

Prices range from $110-$125cdn on average and up.

Please allow 6-10 weeks delivery should we have to order your sensor.  We generally do monthly orders with our supplier, however, they’re running about 10 weeks to make new orders for us.

Sensors are non-returnable due to being consumables with short expiration dates.

Sensors generally have an 12 month service life.  Please consume them as close to purchase time as possible, Don’t carry a lot of spares, but in actuality, please order midway through the life of your rebreather (every 6 months) so you have working sensors to rotate through.

Buy your Rebreather and replacement Oxygen Analyzer sensors online in Canada from Dan’s Dive Shop a Top Selling O2 Sensor Supplier. 

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 cm
Oxygen Sensor

"Molex 11-39-MD", "Coaxial 11-39-SMB", "Mini Jack 11-39-JD", "11-39-Revo", "PSR-11-39-JJ"


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