Replacement Oxygen Sensors For O2 Analyzers



Replacement Oxygen Sensors for O2 Analyzers

We have access to a wide range of replacement oxygen sensors for O2 analyzer fuel cells for most of the leading brands.

Because we stock mostly what we sell we often times have replacement sensors for Analox O2EII, Analox ATA Trimix Analyzer, OMS OX-AN, OMS OX-ANII, Analytical Industries Palm O2 Internal Sensor, AI Palm O2 Remote Sensor, as well as many other brands such as Mini Ox, Teledyne, Oxycheq, Hudson, Nuvair, UBS O2 Stick and many more.

PSR-11-39-MD is our most popular sensor.  It Replaces Teledyne R-22, Maxtec Max-12/305 and IT Gambert D-04.  THE PSR-11-39-MD fits both rebreather and analyzers.  KISS Megaladon, Oxy Spy, CCR-2000, Uwatec, Cochrane Lifeguard, Oxy2, VR3, Hollis Prism, Poseidon.

PSR-11-39-JD2 replaces Teledyne R-17, Maxtec Max 301/13 and Gambert D-01.  This is popular with CIS-Lunar, Dive Rite VTI, El Cheapo, MSA Mini-Ox, Spectrum, Vanadagraph, VN202.

PSR-11-39-JD replaces Teledyne R-17, Maxtec Max 301/13, IT This is popular with CIS-Lunar, Dive Rite VTI, El Cheapo, MSA Mini-Ox, Spectrum, Vanadagraph, VN202.

PSR-11-37-52D replaces Analox 9100-9220-9B for Analox O2EII

PSR-11-37-D2 replaces Teledyne R-33D-1, Maxtec Max-309, I TGambert D-09.  Fits Analox, OMS, UBS O2Stick

PSR-11-37-D6 replaces 9212-2 Analox

PSR-11-37-D7 replaces Maxtec Max-303, IT Gambert D-03 for use with Analox, OMS, UBS O2 Stick

PSR-11-39-ATA replaces O2 fuel Cel in Analox ATA Trimix Analyzer replacing 9100-9212-94

AII-11-75-PO2D Palm O2 Internal Sensor

AII-11-75-PO2DR Palm O2 with remote Sensor

Prices currently range from $110-$169cdn. Call for best price and selection.

Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery should we have to order your sensor.  We generally do monthly orders with our supplier who rarely stocks units ready to ship.  Unless you’re willing to pay freight for your sensor directly to us we need to send in our orders in bulk.

Sensors generally have an 12-18 month service life.  Please consume them as close to purchase time as possible.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 7 cm
Sensor Version

AII Palm O2, Analox ATA Trimix O2 Sensor, Analox O2eii


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