Polarpro Divemaster 3-Pack Filter Kit



Polarpro Divemaster 3-Pack Filter Kit

The Polarpro DiveMaster 3-Pack Filter Kit for the GoPro HERO8 Protective Housing delivers vibrant colours to your photos and videos when diving in blue, green, or shallow waters. Quickly and securely switch between red, magenta, or snorkel filters; allowing you to capture precise color based on your dive location and conditions. This set features a slide-on design with provided tethers for added security. Included is a hard-shell protective case to transport your filters to your next diving adventure.

About this item

  • DiveMaster – for GoPro Hero 8 with protective housing
  • A secure sliding design with additional safety clips ensures that the filters remain connected in all diving conditions
  • Capture vivid colours in blue, green and shallow waters
  • Includes red, magenta and snorkel filters + customised storage case
  • Best results are achieved at a depth of 4.5 to 22.8 metres