Oceanic Alpha 10 Octopus



Oceanic Alpha 10 Octopus

The Oceanic Alpha 10 Octopus is a new addition to their alternate air source range. It is a pneumatically balanced second stage which is an ultra high performance emergency back up reg.

Alpha 10 features a handy dive/Pre-dive adjustment and a orthodontic mouth piece with bite tabs for extra comfort. Hopefully you will never have to use this as it is a back up, however if you do, you can be assured that it is engineered to be top quality with a smooth breathe.

The max flex hose that is used to attach it to your first stage is braided which is 3 times strong that the regular rubber hoses, having these last 3 times longer. The Oceanic Alpha 10 Octopus is nitrox compatible to 40%.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 31 × 20.32 cm


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