NOVUS Plastic Polish Kit



NOVUS Plastic Polish Kit

NOVUS Plastic Polish kit cleans and removes scratches from all types of plastic, fiberglass or acrylic surfaces, making them look like new. The compact Plastic Polish kit can fit in your glove compartment, saddle bag, or carrying case. The Novus 1, 2 and 3 polishes provide a complete system of scratch removal and surface restoration when used together. Novus No. 1 can be used individually to clean, shine and protect all types of plastic surfaces, while Novus No. 2 keeps plastics looking new by removing fine scratches and haziness. Novus No. 3 removes heavy scratches and abrasions and is formulated to prepare the surface for Novus No. 2 polishing.

Product Details

  • Great for cleaning and restoring camera equipment and housings, CD/DVD, motorcycle windshields, automobile headlamps, boat windscreen and many other plastic and acrylic products
  • Compact kit that fits in your glove compartment, saddle bag or carrying case
  • Cleans and removes scratches instead of filling it in
  • Has helped millions win the war against fading, scratching and dulling of plastics

Plastic Polish Kit Contains:

  • 2-oz NOVUS 1: Plastic Clean & Shine
  • 2-oz NOVUS 2: Plastic Fine Scratch Remover
  • 2-oz NOVUS 3: Plastic Heavy Scratch Remover
  • Two NOVUS Polish Mates
  • Product Brochure

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 15 cm

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