Light Monkey Dual Outlet Drysuit Heater Pack 20AH



Light Monkey Dual Outlet Drysuit Heater Pack 20AH

The Light Monkey Dual Outlet Drysuit Heater Pack 20AH has been designed to be a beautiful drysuit heating battery system featuring Two independent 10.4ah batteries housed within the same 20ah canister, which allows for redundant power source or the ability for the diver to run a primary canister light off 1 side and their drysuit vest off of the other side, utilizing a dual toggle switch.

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Powered by a 2×10.4Ah Li-Ion Batteries, the Light Monkey Drysuit Heater System will power a Santi heated vest for approximately 2.5-3 hours or 2-2.5 hours with a pair of heated gloves as well.  Average power draw on a vest is 3 amp hours.

The Light Monkey Drysuit Heater Pack allows for a wide variety of light head and drysuit-heating equipment configurations.

Tech Specs:

Size: 11 inch (31.75 cm) Length, 3.5 inch (28 cm) Diameter

Dry Weight 5.675lbs (3.2kg) 1.875lbs (2.6kg) Negative in-water

Recharge time from complete discharge: 6 hours

Battery is 18.00g ELC – 230wh TSA compliant for air travel

These battery systems come with an E/O corded lid and canister. They utilize the same sealed battery design as all of our lights. These canisters will also work with any E/O corded Light Monkey light.

Because different vests have different power draws, it is difficult to supply a definitive burn time for our pack with your vest. A good estimate of burn time can be determined by dividing the manufacturer’s vest amp draw by the amp-hour rating of our battery system.

1-2 Weeks delivery battery packs are made to order so you get the freshest batteries possible.

Battery pack comes with standard Pitkin Switch in the lid, or you can upgrade to a handheld  Pitkin controller which can adjust the amount of heat provided by the vest, by adding a variable power switch either in the lid or as an additional corded remote control.

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 46 × 32 × 16.51 cm


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