Light Monkey 7.8-20 VRS Light



Light Monkey 7.8-20 VRS Light

The Light Monkey 7.8-20 VRS Light features a Rotary magnetic on/off switch and External charging so you don’t have to worry about latches and o-rings.  The light is powered by a 5.2ah Li-Ion battery pack and boasts an impressive 150 minutes of burn time at the brightest setting (Level 5).
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The Light Monkey 5-20 VRS burns at  6500 degrees Kelvin Color and offers a range of brightness based on the light setting:
52″ (130 cm) cord with a 90° angle wire connection from lid to light head allows for sidemount routing, while the standard lid configuration offers great burn time in a streamlined profile.
6500 Kelvin Color
Level 5 – 4770 Lumen
Level 4 – 2915 Lumen
Level 3 – 1325 Lumen
Level 2 –   265 Lumen
Level 1 –   100 Lumen
Rotary magnetic on/off switch
External charging
Powered by a 7.8aH (86.25wH) Li-Ion battery pack
250 minutes of burn time at level 5 (66.6 hours at level 1)
Length – 12″ (30.5 cm)
Diameter – 2″ (5 cm)
Dry Weight – 2.75 lbs (1.25 kg)
Negative in Water –  .75 lbs (.34 kg)
Recharge time from complete discharge – 4.5 hours
UN 38.3 Test Compliant


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 15 cm
Cable Gland

70 Degree Elbow, Top Gland


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