Light Monkey 5-12 watt LED Canister Light v2.0



Light Monkey 5-12 watt LED Canister Light v2.0

The Light Monkey 5-12 watt LED Canister Light v2.0 is powered by a 5.2 amp Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. Burntime is 5 hours and outputs 1200 lumens at 6000 Kelvin. Emitter life is 50,000 hours and has a 6 degree focused beam. Comes with an elastic handmount for hands free diving.

The light is engaged by a twist on/off activation with double o-ring seal by rotating the head with no need for a switch.

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The lights canister is 2″(5cm)in diameter and 7.5″(19cm) in length. Weights in at 2.5 lbs.(1.1kg). The charger accepts 90 to 240 volt input and recharge time is 4 hours from a complete discharge. Charging is done by removing the light head from the tail piece. The battery pack for the Rebel 9 watt LED can also be used to power the light head for a 2.5 hour burn time and is available separately.

LED’s generate heat when operating and if the 12 watt LED is used out of the water for more than 5 minutes it will drop to a lower power setting to prevent overheating. Turning the light off and back on will reset this safety feature.


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